Are Paintball Masks Good Enough for Airsoft?

Maybe you’re an avid paintball player who is looking to try Airsoft out. But you don’t want to invest in airsoft gear yet, so you wonder if you could wear your regular paintball mask for now. The question is, are paintball masks good enough for Airsoft?

Paintball masks are good enough for Airsoft. However, it would help if you didn’t use them long-term because they don’t meet the requirements of an official airsoft face mask. An airsoft mask must fully seal the eyes and either cover the face entirely or partially.

Even safety glasses are surprisingly good enough, but they need to have a high standardized safety rating. You can read more about it at this link.

Now that we know a paintball mask can be used for Airsoft, but not necessarily all the time, we’ll explore the reasoning behind this. I’ll also discuss what Airsoft is, how it’s played, and its similarities and differences with paintball. Also, I’ll discuss protective equipment for Airsoft and how it can best protect you while playing, so keep reading.

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Airsoft Masks vs. Paintball Masks

To find the similarities and differences in the mask used for each sport, we have to look at how the games are played. 

Airsoft and paintball are similar sports; there are typically two teams that target the opposing teammates by shooting an opponent with pellets to signal a hit. The difference between the two sports lies in the type of gun participants use and the ammunition used to shoot opponents.  

In paintball, a player uses paint pellets that splatters when coming into contact with their opponent. This will be able to be seen by all players and will represent a hit and score for their team. In Airsoft, a successful score depends on the honor system or witnesses to determine if your target was met. 

When it comes to adding up costs for each sport, Airsoft is much cheaper than paintball. Paintballs cost a lot more than airsoft pellets, and airsoft guns tend to cost less as well.

As for protective gear worn in paintball, you are required to wear a mask that covers your entire face, and you are advised to protect your neck and throat as well. 

The same requirements stand for Airsoft, although there are differences between the two. If you are a paintballer wanting to play Airsoft, your paintball mask will work fine. If you’re switching over to Airsoft entirely, it is best to invest in a mask meant solely for that sport.

Equipment Needed for Playing Airsoft

In addition to wearing a mask, you will need to wear durable clothing and footwear that will stand up to the elements since you will be spending time outdoors unless you plan to play in an indoor arena. You also won’t want to have any exposed skin in case you are hit, so wear long sleeves and pants; t-shirts and shorts in Airsoft are going to cut it.

You will also need to obtain an airsoft gun, which is an imitation firearm that looks very realistic and similar to real guns. 

All airsoft guns are manufactured with a bright orange tip to signify it is not a real gun; airsoft guns should not be carried openly in public and should be concealed in a case until you are at the airsoft playing field and ready for battle.  

You will also possibly be able to rent this equipment at the airsoft field or arena if you’re not ready to make the commitment to playing Airsoft regularly. It will also be helpful to try out different models of equipment the facility has to rent to see what works the best for you and your play. 

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The Best Protective Masks for Airsoft

For an optimal airsoft playing experience and if you plan on playing the sport long term, it will be best to buy protective equipment specifically designed for Airsoft. Full-sealed eye goggles, face, and throat covering, anti-fogging and breathability are a few of the details to take into consideration when shopping for your airsoft mask. 

Most Airsoft masks can be reasonably inexpensive but go up in price depending on which special features you’d like to include.

If you’re looking to buy something that has full-face coverage, the Senmortar Airsoft Mask from covers the entire face, so you won’t have to buy goggles and a face mask separately; it has hundreds of five-star reviews and is also conveniently priced to fit anyone’s budget.  

If you’d like to have more coverage of your throat and neck, the OneTigris Balaclava Mesh Mask (also from Amazon) can do the trick. Priced relatively inexpensive, you will have to buy goggles separately as they are not included.

The cheapest option is to buy a mask and goggles set that you wear independently of each other. The Outgeek Half Face Mask and Goggles Set on includes full-seal eye goggles and a mask that covers the mouth and nose. If you are alright with less coverage for your cheeks and neck, then this may be the right option for you. 

There are a variety of different masks to choose from out there. If you still don’t know how to select a suitable mask, talk to friends who are already playing Airsoft to help you determine the most suitable mask. Or find an online forum and ask what the best mask for Airsoft is. It would be best to do thorough research on the internet or ask the staff at the closest airsoft supply store nearest you.


We’ve learned that it’s okay to wear a paintball mask to an Airsoft game, especially when you’re just beginning and trying out Airsoft to see if you like it. The two sports are very similar in practice, as is the equipment, but are different in a few ways. Before investing in Airsoft gear, you can also rent out masks and equipment at the Airsoft field first.

By doing so, you avoid spending on Airsoft gear if you realize that Airsoft is not for you. However, if you see yourself playing it long-term, you should invest in proper Airsoft masks.