Are Safety Glasses Good Enough for Airsoft?

Airsoft is a fun sport, but you need to take precautions to make sure that you remain safe while playing. One of the most important safety precautions is to ensure you’re protecting your eyes. You may wonder – are safety glasses good enough for airsoft? 

Safety glasses are good enough for airsoft. However, you need to make sure the safety glasses have a high standardized safety rating. In America, safety glasses are rated using an ANSI rating system. You should look for glasses with an ANSI rating of Z87+ or higher.

Ski goggles on the other hand are not good enough for airsoft so avoid using those.

Read on to learn more about ANSI ratings and how you can make sure your safety glasses are safe to use. 

Safety glasses recommendation:

Safety Glasses for Airsoft Must Meet Safety Standards 

Safety glasses are suitable for airsoft and will keep your eyes protected when you are playing. However, it is essential to ensure that the safety glasses are of high quality. The best way to do this is to check the safety glasses’ ANSI rating. 

The ANSI rating is explored in more detail below.  

Understanding the ANSI Rating 

ANSI refers to safety standards outlined by the American National Standards Institute. These safety standards are ratified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Here are the safety standards that ANSI-approved glasses must meet: 

  • They should have been tested to ensure they can bear high-impact contact.
  • They should have been tested to ensure low corrosion.
  • The glasses have a specific area of eye coverage to ensure maximum protection.
  • They have protection against radiation and chemicals. 

It is essential to choose safety glasses that have been designed using the ANSI standards. 

Safety glasses that follow the ANSI standards will have a marking on the frame of the glasses. The markings differ based on the type of glasses and the type of rating that the glasses have. 

There are two types of glasses: standard and prescription. 

Standard Glasses ANSI Rating

Standard safety glasses can have two different types of ratings: 

  • Z87 basic impact safety glasses have been tested to ensure the best coverage and low corrosion. 
  • Z87+ safety glasses have been tested to ensure they can bear the impact of high mass and high velocity. 

The Z87+ rating is better, but the Z87 will also offer you some level of protection.

As well as the rating, standard safety glasses should bear the manufacturer’s logo. You can ask the manufacturer for evidence that the safety glass model that you are using has been tested. 

Prescription Glasses ANSI Rating

Prescription glasses also have two different rating markings: 

  • Z87-2 safety glasses have been tested to ensure the best coverage. 
  • Z87-2+ safety glasses have been tested for high impact and are best to use for airsoft.

Best Safety Glasses for Airsoft

The best safety glasses for airsoft will provide ample protection and have a good ANSI rating. If you are looking for high-quality safety glasses for airsoft, consider using one of these great options available today: 

All these safety glasses are available on and are explored in greater detail below. 

NoCry Over Safety Glasses

The NoCry Over Safety Glasses have an ANSI Z87 making them safe and reliable to wear while playing airsoft. They also offer high UV protection and are made with a latex material that makes them easy to clean.


  • As well as an ANSI rating of Z87, these glasses are OSHA-approved. 
  • They are made with scratch-free latex that blocks out 90-100% of UV radiation. 
  • They have extendable arms which can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. 
  • They are available in a range of colors, including black and orange and tinted grey and green. 
  • They are pocket-friendly, cost under $25, and can be used multiple times. 


  • These safety glasses are not built to withstand very large impacts from objects traveling at a high velocity. 
  • Not suitable for competitive games. 
  • Some users note they cannot be worn over prescription glasses because the lenses touch, causing scratches and other damage. 

Howard Leight by Honeywell Shooting Glasses 

The Honeywell Shooting Glasses have been designed to offer excellent coverage and eye protection. They have an ANSI rating of Z87+ and have 99% UV protection. They’ve been put through a series of tests to ensure both safety and comfort. 


  • These have been designed to withstand high-impact and high-velocity contact. 
  • These safety glasses have also been tested under military testing conditions, putting them under seven times the pressure of ANSI impact testing. 
  • They have a transparent lens which ensures that you can see both indoors and outdoors. 
  • The glasses have a flexible nose piece that molds to meet the wearer’s nose, ensuring maximum comfort. 


  • Some users have noted that these glasses do not suit slimmer faces. 
  • Some versions of this model are more vulnerable to scratching. 

KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

The KleenGuard V30 Safety Glasses have a Z87+ ANSI rating and tinted lenses, which allow you to use them in a variety of different conditions. They also have a curved design that allows any sweat build-up to be directed away from the eyes. 


  • With an ANSI rating of Z87+, they have been designed to withstand collisions and high impact. 
  • These glasses offer 99% UV protection. 
  • They have smoke mirror lenses that offer excellent protection against the sun. 
  • They have wrap-around protection that allows the glasses to stay fixed even as you’re moving rapidly. 
  • No-scratch lenses make these glasses resistant to damage. 
  • The lenses are available in four different variants depending on your needs. 


  • These glasses may not have enough room for you to wear them over other glasses. 
  • If you do have a prescription, you may need to wear these safety glasses over contact lenses. 

Final Thoughts 

Safety glasses are good enough for airsoft. However, you need to make sure they meet the ANSI standards. As long as the glasses have an evident ANSI rating, they should protect you while you’re playing.

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