How To Create the Perfect Airsoft Belt Setup

Airsoft is an enjoyable shooting game you can play with your friends and family. If you’re a fan of airsoft, there are various ways you can improve your game, including creating your own airsoft belt setup. How do you go about this?

Here’s how you can create the perfect airsoft belt setup:

  1. Know your budget.
  2. Create your belt setup design.
  3. Buy a tactical belt.
  4. Purchase your belt pouches.
  5. Buy a holster.
  6. Assemble your airsoft belt.
  7. Add tools and other accessories.
  8. Finalize the design.
  9. Try on your airsoft belt.

Making your own airsoft belt setup is fun and exciting, mainly because you get the chance to create a design depending on your preferences. However, it might be challenging to make a design if you don’t have any idea or experience of doing it. So if you’re looking forward to creating the perfect airsoft belt setup and learn more about the steps above, continue reading.  

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1. Know Your Budget

Creating your own airsoft belt setup requires you to invest money to buy the materials needed. 

Because of this, the materials you need to purchase solely depend on your budget. The cost of creating your own airsoft belt setup ranges from $100 to $250.  

Knowing your budget makes it easier for you to come up with a design that suits your needs. Remember that not all airsoft belt setup requires you to spend a lot of money. In addition, there are several inexpensive materials you can buy online if you’re on a tight budget. 

Once you have a budget, it’s easier to work around it.

2. Create Your Belt Setup Design

In creating the perfect airsoft belt setup, the first thing you need to do is to make a design. You should make a blueprint of how your airsoft belt might look like, including other features about it.

Designing your airsoft belt must include these details:

  • Measurements: Take accurate measurements of yourself, which is the first step in creating the design for your airsoft belt setup. Improper measurement might result in an airsoft belt that’s either too big or too small. 
  • Comfort: When designing your airsoft belt, you have to make sure it’s comfortable enough when you use it. The design must include features that suit your preferences to make it easy to carry, especially when you’re moving.
  • Style: The style of your airsoft belt should also depend on your preferences, which includes the color, pattern, and other decorations. Styling your airsoft belt makes it unique and more appealing.

3. Buy a Tactical Belt

Now that you have your design, you need to buy the necessary materials for your airsoft belt setup. A tactical belt is the most essential material for your airsoft belt setup since it holds the holster and pouches. 

In choosing the best tactical belt, you need to look for these factors:

  • Size: Usually, tactical belts come in three sizes, which include small, medium, and large. Choose the tactical belt that best fits your measurements.
  • Color: There are various belt colors you can choose from, including black, coyote brown, olive drab, and many more. Choose the color that suits your preferences.
  • Buckle: The buckle is an essential part of an airsoft belt setup and must be durable to make sure your equipment would stay in place. There are different types of buckles available for your tactical belt, such as the 2” Cobra buckle, 2” Quick-release buckle, and so on.
  • Type: The type of your tactical belt determines its durability and overall quality. Tactical belts come in various designs, which include intermediate load-bearing, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty.
  • Style: In choosing the best tactical belt, you should also consider its style. Tactical belts come in various styles and are compatible with having more modular attachments, while others have MOLLE webbings.
  • Additional features: Make sure to check out for other features when buying a tactical belt. Some of the extra features you can see on tactical belts are “inner anti-slip rubber pads,” or attachment points.

Choosing the perfect tactical belt for your setup is essential to ensure its quality. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality tactical belt, I recommend this Condor Cobra Tactical Belt from The removable anti-slip pad is one of its best features.

4. Purchase Your Belt Pouches

Once you have your tactical belt, you now need to buy the pouches.

There are different pouches you can buy depending on your needs. The most common pouches you can add to your airsoft belt setup are the magazine, utility, and gadget pouch. Each pouch in your tactical belt serves an important role when you’re on the field. 

Interestingly, having the right set of pouches could significantly improve your efficiency when playing. Let’s take a closer look at the types of pouches you can buy.

Magazine Pouch 

This pouch, also known as the mag pouch, is an essential part of your airsoft belt setup that allows you to carry magazines while in the field. You can use different types of mag pouches as they come in various sizes, designs, and efficiency.

The various types of mag pouches include:

  • Flap Mag Pouch
  • Bungee Cord Mag Pouch
  • Fast Mag Pouch
  • Taco Mag Pouch
ProCase Tactical Mag Pouch for Rifle and Pistol, Open-Top Molle Elastic Triple Magazine Pouch with Bungee Straps for G36 HK416 Magazines Glock M1911 92F -Black

Flashlight Pouch 

Flashlights aren’t very common in airsoft, and you can mainly use them to improve accuracy in dark areas. Having a flashlight pouch in your belt setup is essential for easy access to your flashlight.

Utility Pouch 

A utility pouch allows you to carry handy tools that you can use in the field. Having a utility pouch helps you organize your tools easier and more effectively. Some of the tools you can put inside your utility pouch are

  • Dead rag: Bringing a bright red rag could come in handy whenever you need to signal everyone that you’re dead.
  • Swiss army knife: You can use the different tools in a Swiss army knife to fix your weapon in emergency cases.
  • Airsoft cleaning rod: Using an airsoft cleaning rod is essential in fixing the jam in your weapon to avoid further damages.
  • Spare battery: Bringing an extra battery is essential to make sure your weapon lasts the whole game.

Anti-fog Wipes 

During the game, your goggles might constantly fog up. In this case, you can use anti-fog wipes, spray, or liquid, to clear the fog. However, it’s best to use this substance outside the playing field for safety guidelines.

Microfiber Cloth

Use this cloth to clean your weapon, as well as apply anti-fog spray or liquid. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean any dust off things if your kit remains unused for a while. These cleaning rags are indispensable for anything, including airsoft games.

Dump Pouch

Not many airsoft players are fond of using dump pouches, but this extra sack in your belt setup could be pretty helpful. A dump pouch allows the player to quickly discard used magazines and store any used items you don’t want to leave in the field.

Video: Of course belt setups are built based on the players’ needs. It is a big difference between outdoor MilSim games compared to indoor players.

5. Buy a Holster

Your airsoft belt setup isn’t complete without a holster. A holster holds your weapon and secures it, so picking the best holster for your setup is essential to keep your gun in place and prevent it from wiggling.

Holsters come in various sizes, colors, materials, hand orientation, and closure types. 

For a high-quality holster, I recommend the Concealed Carrier Universal IWB Holster from This holster comes in a unique design that could accommodate various airsoft weapon sizes, including Glock 27 up to .45 1911.

A high-quality holster is an excellent tool to make you more efficient, move easily, and draw your weapon quicker. They are an essential part of your airsoft belt setup, helping you improve your overall game performance.

6. Assemble Your Airsoft Belt

Once you have all the materials needed for your airsoft belt setup, you can now assemble it. Assembling your airsoft is pretty straightforward, as long as you have all the materials required.

Here are the steps on how to assemble your airsoft belt:

  1. Prepare all materials.
  2. Secure the holster in the tactical belt.
  3. Add the mag pouches.
  4. Add the utility pouch.
  5. Add the dump pouch.
  6. Add other pouches that suit your needs.
  7. Make sure everything is secured and in place.

The steps in assembling your airsoft belt setup will vary depending on the materials you use.  

For example, some tactical belts have Velcro straps and a buckle, while others simply work with a hook. Keep this in mind when purchasing and assembling your materials.

7. Add the Tools and Other Accessories

Now that you have finished assembling your airsoft belt setup, you can add the tools and other accessories to your belt. Fill your pouches with all the necessary tools, such as magazines, a dead rag, microfiber cloths, and other items you might need on the field.

Make sure everything is organized and easy to draw, as this makes you more efficient in the field. Other accessories you can add to your belt setup are the tactical headset and gloves. 

But this is only applicable for tactical belts with plastic loops where you can hook in other accessories.

Adding accessories and tools to your airsoft belt setup will make you more prepared in the field. However, the added weight might not be efficient when moving around the field in a fast-paced game. If you’re unsure, try on the belt and move around as you would in a real game. 

If it feels off, you can take out a few accessories.

8. Finalize the Design

Always check for flaws and drawbacks when it comes to creating your airsoft belt setup.

There are times when you need to double-check your final product before you use it on the field. That’s why finalizing the design is essential in making sure your belt setup is efficient.

Here are the various factors you need to check when finalizing the design of your airsoft belt setup:

  • Pouches: While pouches serve an essential role in allowing you to access tools easier, having too many pouches might not be as efficient as it seems. You have to check whether the number of pouches included in your airsoft belt setup still allows you to move quickly. Including too many pouches in your tactical belt might restrict your movements.
  • Accessories: Check for unnecessary accessories that you can remove to improve your mobility in the field.
  • Holster placement: Being able to draw your weapon quickly is vital in a game of airsoft. That’s why you should always practice double-checking and adjusting your holster placement before any game. The holster should be easy to access and must be placed where it’s comfortable.  

9. Try-On Your Airsoft Belt

Once you already have everything in place, the last thing you need to do is to try on your airsoft belt. Before putting your work to the test, wear it first to see whether there are problems. 

This gives you a first-hand experience of how your airsoft feels when wearing it.

You should be able to gauge whether your setup is comfortable and efficient, especially when moving. Try to move around the house, then tilt your body left and right to see if it makes you uncomfortable.

Other things you should take note of are the pouches and holster. 

When you’re walking or running, make sure the holster and pouches are not wiggling. A wiggling holster is irritating and makes you less efficient when moving.

In this case, you need to adjust the tactical belt depending on your size, so make sure it’s not loose and too tight. Changing it to the correct length will prevent it from wiggling, giving you a more comfortable feeling when wearing it.

Video: Here is a video of another airsoft belt setup.


Creating an airsoft belt setup isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to consider many factors and look for suitable materials to build the perfect belt setup.

You need to know the specifications of the materials you’re using and the tools you need to include in your setup. Furthermore, you have to make sure that your belt setup fits you perfectly to have a better experience in the field.

Creating the perfect airsoft belt setup costs you time, money, and effort. But everything’s worth it once you see the final product.