How To Find Out How Much Your Airsoft Gun Is Worth

Maybe you’re thinking of selling your old airsoft gun before buying a new one. Before you do that, it’s important to determine how much your airsoft is worth to ensure you’ll get the best price possible. The question is, how do you do that?

Here’s how you can find out how much your airsoft gun is worth:

  1. Check your airsoft gun’s current condition.
  2. Determine the gun type.
  3. Consider the gun’s upgrades.

Read on as I discuss the topic further. When you’re done reading, you should be able to estimate how much you can get from selling your airsoft gun. I’ll also share tips on how and where you can sell your airsoft gun. 

1. Check Your Airsoft Gun’s Current Condition

Your gun’s current condition can heavily influence how much it’s worth. No one would pay for a weapon with significant faults or missing major parts. As such, you should factor in the cost of replacing these faulty or missing components first and then subtract this from the desired selling price. 

2. Determine the Gun Type

A rare gun that’s also in significant demand can easily increase in value. Rare airsoft guns include limited-edition ones such as Ares WA2000. To determine if your airsoft gun falls into this category of rare rifles, research online for demands for particular models. Pay attention to how many of these guns are selling online.

You must also pay attention to the gun’s quality. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid no-brand airsoft guns.

3. Consider the Gun’s Upgrades

Upgrading the rifle will give a boost to its price. As such, you can look at putting new parts to replace deteriorating or aged ones. 

However, it’s important to note that no matter the gun’s rarity and upgrades, used airsoft guns generally sell at a significant discount from new ones. This shortfall in prices can be as much as 50% off their original value. 

Furthermore, an excellent way to know how much your rifle might be worth is to check marketplaces for used airsoft guns, such as eBay. There you can see very similar guns or even those of the same model. You can then factor in the above considerations to arrive at some reasonable price. 

How To Sell Your Airsoft Gun

Regardless of the reasons for choosing to sell your airsoft gun, you want to get the firearm sold as hassle-free and as seamless as possible. At the same time, you want to retain some value; that is, you want to get your airsoft gun sold at a reasonable price. 

Take note that selling your airsoft gun won’t differ from how you would typically approach selling any other item. 

Here are some actionable tips to guide you through the selling process. 

Sell Your Airsoft Gun Online

There’s no gainsaying that the world is now digital. We carry out everything from commerce to banking and payments on the internet now. One of the best approaches to getting your airsoft gun sold, and even much faster than others, is to put it for sale online.

You have several options. 

One of the cheapest and most popular is to use social media. People (that is, your prospective buyers) spend a lot of time online on various social media sites, and this makes it the perfect place to start. 

Apart from having access to an endless pool of customers, social media remains one of the most economical ways to go about selling your airsoft gun online. You can post as many ads online for free, except if you decide to opt for running paid ads

Before you sell your airsoft gun online, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • Which social media site should I use to advertise my gun?
  • How do I go about selling my airsoft gun?

Use Facebook To Advertise Your Airsoft Gun

I recommend using Facebook, the largest social platform in the world, meaning you can reach as many people as possible.

However, while Facebook is a great platform for selling stuff online, it’s not always easy to get your product noticed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to build followers from scratch. A fact to note is that people spend a good chunk of time on Facebook around their interests and preferences

So how do you meet potential buyers?

Join Facebook Groups

You can join Facebook Groups to connect with group members who may be interested in buying your airsoft gun. These groups are communities of interested people, and you may likely find buyers.

To find a group you want to join, go to the Facebook search tab and key in keywords related to “airsoft gun”. 

However, some groups (in fact, a lot of them) frown against advertising. To circumvent this, you can put out a post like: “Are you looking for a used airsoft gun still in excellent condition? Kindly DM (direct message)”.

Advertise on Reddit, Craigslist, and Online Forums

Another social media with the groups-like feature is Reddit. It takes the concept of interest-based groups to a new different level; they’re called subreddits. 

Here are several popular subreddits dedicated to airsoft guns:

Go to the Search tab and enter “airsoft” for many more options. To make posts advertising your gun, you can take the Facebook group approach described above.

Other options include dedicated online forums and Craigslist.

Sell on eBay

You should note that one significant downside of selling via social media is that you have to worry about delivery and payment. 

To overcome this issue, go to e-commerce sites like eBay. It’ll handle these in exchange for some cut of the selling amount.

If you don’t want to sell on eBay, you can look at HopUp, which is a good alternative. 

Sell Your Airsoft Gun Offline

In a post-pandemic world, it appears selling offline isn’t advisable. Another downside of selling offline is the limited access to potential buyers.

Nevertheless, there are still some good options. Some stores purchase second-hand items for resale. There are also swap meets, where airsoft enthusiasts meet to trade items. 

Don’t know about any of the above? This is where the online groups come in. You can go on a popular airsoft Facebook group to ask about information on a second-hand store or Airsoft swap meet near you.  

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How Much Can Your Airsoft Gun Sell For?

Your airsoft gun can sell at prices between $35 and $500, depending on the gun type, its current condition, upgrades, if any, and the demands for the particular model you have.  You should also check the current price for your airsoft gun online to have an idea before setting a selling price.

Tip: Airsoft guns are often out of stock, which can be to your benefit especially if you have a popular model.

Final Thoughts

When you own an airsoft gun, you shouldn’t be in the dark about how much it’s worth. Such information is valuable when you carry out essential steps such as putting the gun up for sale. 

However, there’s no definite scale or gauge to measure the price. For the most part, you have to decide that on your own. You can use the guide I’ve provided in this article to help you set your price.