6 Best Paintballs for Woodsball (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

We’ve all had bad days and great days with woodsball, and there are several reasons for that. But if there’s one thing that we can’t deny, it’s that the paintballs we use can have a significant impact on how we play. That’s why it’s important to have the best paintballs for woodsball at our disposal.

The best paintball for woodsball in 2023 is Valken Infinity. It may not look promising, but it’s the one that offers the best range, accuracy, and durability. Tiberius Arms First Strike, RPS Empire Marballizer, and GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight are other great paintball options to improve your game.

Those are our highly recommended paintballs, but there are other terrific options that you can choose from. We’ll discuss all of them in great detail, including some practical tips that will help you find the best paintball for woodsball.

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Valken Infinity Paintballs

Valken Infinity is a series of paintballs that includes three options: white, yellow, and orange. There are several reasons why it tops almost every list of the best paintballs for woodsball, but what we like the most about it is its shell’s thickness. All of them are thick enough to not break in mid-air, making it easier for you to hit your targets even at night.

If you compare its shell with other paintballs in the market, you’ll immediately see the difference. Aside from this, each type has different features that may work well for various games. For example, orange is what I would recommend for woodsball because it’s the one that shoots the straightest. However, it may not be suitable for beginners because orange paintballs take a lot of force to break and may hurt other players.

Another reason why you’d want to use Valken Infinity Paintballs for your games is that they’re affordable. Sure, the thickness and accuracy it has are features that other paintballs have, but you’d have to pay a premium for them.

With Valken, you’re getting high-quality paintballs without spending more than what you may be comfortable with.

  • Thick shells that don’t break easily
  • Suitable for players of all levels
  • Works well with entry-level paintball guns
  • Exceptional accuracy and reliability
  • Packaging makes it look cheap
  • It doesn’t break easily and might hurt other players

Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintball

This paintball is hard to find, but with good reason—it’s the best choice that you have, regardless of your skills. It’s also the favorite paintball in many tournaments, making it one of the most in-demand paintballs you can buy.

It’s not cheap, but Tiberius Arms First Strike can give you the best value, quality, and performance that’ll help you perform at your best.

Video: Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs – Review

Tiberius Arms First Strike uses a patented technology that makes the paintballs more aerodynamic. Its design makes every shot more stable than what you’d get from other paintballs. Aside from this, it also shoots further than other options you’ll find, making it the perfect paintball for woodsball.

If you want to eliminate all the factors that can affect your accuracy, efficiency, and range when playing, you have to use Tiberius Arms First Strike. Availability and price are the only reasons why we didn’t have it on top of this list. But if you consider all the features you can get from it, we can say that it’s still one of the best options you have for woodsball.

  • An aerodynamic body that improves accuracy and range
  • Suitable for almost every skill level
  • Shell is thick enough to only break upon impact
  • Thick paint that is easy to see when playing woodsbal
  • More expensive than other paintballs
  • It’s slightly larger than the usual .68 caliber

RPS Empire Marballizer Paintballs

The RPS Empire Marballizer is consistently round, making it more accurate and efficient when on the field. It also has a thicker shell that makes it possible to only break upon impact and not in mid-air. This paintball is not the cheapest that you can buy, but it’s not that hard to put it on top of this list with all of its features.

Beginners and intermediate players will find these paintballs very easy to use.

The perfectly circular shape makes it possible to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Humidity also becomes less of a factor when playing woodsball, and it comes with a thick neon color paint, perfect for hitting your targets even at night!

The RPS Empire Marballizer may not be as accurate and efficient as the first two, but it’s still an excellent choice for players who are still learning the game. If you’re looking for another option that you can use for woodsball, you can never go wrong with this paintball!

  • Perfect circular shape for better accuracy
  • A thick shell that doesn’t break in mid-air
  • Designed for outdoor games
  • Thick neon paint that is visible even at night
  • It needs a lot of force to break, which might hurt other players
  • More expensive than other paintballs
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GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight

GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight is what I would recommend for both regular and recreational players.

It was originally designed for recreational games, but they’re still highly dependable for tournaments. In fact, there’s no way weather conditions could affect its accuracy. It’s a highly versatile paintball that works well for various games, especially for woodsball.

If you get hit with one of these paintballs, you can easily wash off any mark that it leaves (a feature that you won’t normally get from other paintballs). The shell is not as thick as the ones that we have on this list, but what’s impressive is that it rarely breaks in mid-air. Safe to say, if you hit your target with GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight, it’ll leave a mark, and you’ll see it even at night.

Its range may be a bit at a disadvantage, but it’s still enough if you’re playing woodsball. Just don’t expect that it’ll be as accurate if you’re trying to hit your target from a long distance. The packaging also has some room for improvement, but it rarely is a factor that tells us how good a paintball is.

  • A slightly thick shell that rarely breaks in mid-air
  • Ideal for woodsball and other games where neon paint is required
  • Easy to wash off from the gear
  • Versatile paintball that works on various guns and skill level
  • Not the best for taking long-range shots
  • Packaging has room for improvement

Valken Graffiti Yellow Fill Paintballs

Here’s another Valken paintball on this list, and it works like a charm for beginners and entry-level guns. One of Valken Graffiti series paintball’s key features is its thick shell that makes it more than capable of withstanding weak impacts. It doesn’t break easily, but it won’t hurt other players as well. These are some of the best paintballs that Valken makes, and you can never go wrong with them if you decide to use them for woodsball.

Valken Graffiti series also have a perfectly circular shape, making them more accurate than usual paintballs. There are no curves with your shot, and it’ll really show you the accuracy of your gun and your skills as a marksman.

Valken also ensures that the paintballs you’re getting aren’t in stock for more than a week, which increases its reliability.

Like other Valken paintballs, the only thing that I don’t like about it is the packaging. However, if I get to choose between better packaging or better dependability, I’ll take the latter any day. That said, using Valken Graffiti yellow-fill paintballs for woodsball is a great choice, and you’ll be happy with its performance.

  • Exceptional accuracy without curves on shots
  • Good range, perfect for almost every game
  • Yellow paint that you can see even at night
  • A thick shell that doesn’t break in mid-air
  • Poor packaging that makes it look cheap
  • Slightly more expensive than other Valken paintballs

GXG Rubber Reusable Paintballs

If you’re looking for something great for target practices and actual games, the GXG Rubber Reusable paintball is best for you. As the name suggests, these are reusable rubber paintballs that allow you to go to target practices, pick up the paintballs and reuse them for actual games. Each bag contains 100 rounds, and it may seem expensive at first, but if you consider their reusability and the other features that it has, it’s not really a bad deal.

These paintballs are made to be rubber-like that simulates the look and feel of actual paintballs. But the good thing about it is that you’re not going to use as much paint as you would with actual paintballs. It also works well with almost every marker that you can find. So, even if they’re more expensive than other paintball options on this list, they’re actually the ones that can give you the best value for your purchase.

The best thing about these paintballs is that you don’t have to do a lot to reuse them.

All you have to do is to wash them with water, and they’re good to be used again.

The only disadvantage that I see with these paintballs is that they’re slightly smaller than other paintballs that you can use, so it may require you to purchase another barrel to make the most out of it.

  • Works great for woodsball and target practices
  • Reusable, so you don’t have to spend as much on rounds
  • Safe to use on guns, barrels, and hoppers
  • Great accuracy and reliability
  • Smaller than other paintballs
  • Expensive for 100 rounds

Choosing the Best Paintball for Woodsball

Paintballs aren’t made equal; you can find good ones for a particular game, while others are generally acceptable for every game. But what’s important is that you know what makes a good paintball versus those that are bad for the game you want to play.

Sure, they may all look the same and work the same (most paintballs use water-soluble polymers for their shells), but the paintballs you’re using have a huge impact on how well you play the game. Some paintballs are too fragile and may even break before leaving the barrel, while others don’t break even after impact and may only hurt other players.

You can also find paintballs that are too big for the gun you have, and some don’t have the range and accuracy you need for woodsball. And some that even fall out of the barrel. That’s why you must know the factors you need to consider when looking for the best paintball for woodsball to be sure that you’re enjoying the game just as much as the other players.

Here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider when looking for a paintball that you can use:


If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that paintballs aren’t cheap, and you need to make sure that the ones you’re using fit well with the gun you have. Avid paintball players know that it’s important to check their gun’s caliber and the paintballs they’re using to ensure it won’t affect their game.

You can use various calibers for paintball, so always make it a point to match the ammo you’re using with the gun that you have. Also, even if the manufacturers label their paintballs at a certain caliber, it would best to check it with your gun first. Some paintballs are slightly larger or heavier than the actual caliber, and it could affect your range and accuracy—two things that are very important for players who are engaged in woodsball. For such cases it is good to know how paintball barrel inserts work.


Durability is another important factor that you need to consider when looking for the best paintballs for woodsball. The ones you’ll find could be too soft or too hard, but what you really need are those that have the right amount of durability.

A good paintball for woodsball is the one that breaks upon impact, not the ones that break, even before it hits the target or the ones that may not even break on impact. Using paintballs that are too soft can greatly affect the strategy that you’re using for your game. Some of them may even ruin the gun you’re using because it breaks even before leaving the barrel.

Paintballs that are too hard aren’t good either because they don’t break even after impact. If the shell is too tough, you may even cause injuries to other players. That’s why it’s very important to test enough paintballs before you use them for an actual game.

If you happen to have a package of old paintballs, then you most likely are wondering if you can use them. Here you can read a detailed article about using old paintballs.

Color of Marker

Many avid players prefer woodsball because it allows them to use thick trees and foliage as cover. However, this gameplay also determines the color of paint that you need to use.

The best paintball for woodsball is the ones that have bright, neon color that makes it easier for you and the other players to see the mark.

Remember, you’re playing in thick trees and foliage, so I highly recommend that you only use paintballs that you can easily spot in these areas. Other colors may work well in other games, but you need something that you can easily spot from a distance, even at night, if you’re playing woodsball.

Shooting Efficiency

Woodsball relies on accuracy and range—your gun should be reliable and accurate enough that it always hits the target whenever you aim for it. However, the paintball that you’re using also has a massive impact on your accuracy and range.

If you want to have the best paintballs for woodsball, you need something that works well with the gun you’re using. So, it may take some trial-and-error before you can find the perfect paintball for you. However, if you consider the things that I’ve shared, it’ll be a lot easier for you to have the best shooting efficiency possible.

First In First Out (Freshness of Paintballs)

All paintballs, regardless of how good they are, won’t age well. Even if you have the best paintballs for woodsball, they may not be as effective if you wait for months before using them. The gelatin in paintballs gets weaker over time; it’s just how they work regardless of their quality.

Weaker gelatin means that paintballs may break even before they hit the target, making it less ideal for you to use them for woodsball. So keep all of your paintballs fresh by doing FIFO and not keeping them in storage for too long. You also want to buy it from manufacturers that guarantee the freshness of paintballs, or it’ll be wasted ammunition for you.


Woodsball may be exciting, but if you want to enjoy the game as much as the other players, you need to have the best paintballs. Several factors can affect how you play the game, but using the right paintballs can instantly make you a better player.

The paintballs that I shared with you are excellent options, but you’re free to test other paintballs out. It doesn’t matter if a paintball is good for other players; what matters is that the one you’re using is suitable for your marker and works well with how you play the game.