5 Most Accurate Paintball Guns Available (Buyer’s Guide)

Paintball is a sport that requires a wide variety of skills to be proficient and competitive. However, skills alone are not always enough, and equipment plays a role, especially the gun you are using. This will naturally lead many to wonder, what are the most accurate paintball guns available?

The most accurate paintball guns available are:

  1. Tippmann TMC Magfed
  2. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100
  3. Tippmann A-5 .68 caliber
  4. Tippmann Stormer Elite
  5. Dye Rize CZR

These guns are perfectly suited for beginners to advanced players, and their prices are worth their value.

In this article, we will provide the reader with a complete and comprehensive buyer’s guide so that they may make the most informed decision possible before committing to a paintball gun. Next, we will go over a complete list of the most accurate paintball guns available and describe what each has to offer. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will not doubt how to find the right paintball gun for you.

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Things to Look For When Buying a Paintball Gun

Whenever considering whether or not to settle on a certain paintball gun, it is not enough to simply ask if said gun is good or not; many factors must be considered.

Each gun is unique and has its own set of pros and cons. In addition to the pros and cons inherent to each paintball gun, the player’s individual preference will need to be accounted for as well. Learning your paintball gun preferences and likes will only come with time and experience.

If you are new to the sport of paintball and are a first-time paintball gun buyer, this list will greatly help you in the selection process, so you can be sure you are getting the best product available.

The following sections cover the most important features to keep in mind when buying a paintball gun.


Accuracy, simply put, is how straight and precise something is. In this case, it is the paintball precision, which is shot from the paintball gun that we are looking at.

When it comes to accuracy, not all paintball guns are the same. Moreover, there is a great difference in accuracy from paintball gun to paintball gun.

Maintenance also factors heavily into a paintball gun’s potential for accuracy. Keeping the barrel and hopper clean helps greatly to improve accuracy.

The accuracy of your paintball gun is even more important than its rate of fire for the simple reason that shooting fast is worthless if you’re unable to hit your target, first and foremost.

I also have an article on the best automatic paintball guns, if you are by any chance interested in those.

Modifications and fine-tuning can also improve a given paintball gun’s accuracy, for example, swapping out your barrel for a longer one, one of better material, or a different sized barrel. This takes some research, trial and error, and some experience.

The last point that needs to be mentioned here is the paint you are using. Lack of accuracy may not always be attributable to the paintball gun itself; rather, the type/quality of paint you are using.

Always behind by carefully looking over the paintballs you are using and studying them for any problems, such as dirt, external debris, dimples, clumpiness, etc.

Another commonly overlooked cause of inaccurate firing is having the wrong size paintballs for your gun’s barrel. Paintballs that are too small for the gun’s barrel will not fire straight. 

Always look at your gun’s specs and the paint you are using and make sure they correspond.

Rate of Fire

The rate of fire refers to how fast your paintball gun can get off multiple shots.

Many people will often boast about the impressive rate of fire that their gun possesses, but the rate of fire is a secondary factor to the accuracy of the gun for the reasons mentioned above.

The fire rate of a gun heavily depends on how fast the hopper feeds paint and the trigger’s sensitivity.

A paintball gun with a quick rate of fire is not always advisable for beginners. It may cause new players to become overly reliant on spraying rather than calculating their shots intelligibly. In other words, an excessive rate of fire may cause the formation of bad habits to manifest.

Using a fast rate of fire will also cause you to go through considerably more paint, which can be very costly.

Here we may simply conclude that a quick rate of fire is not inherently good. It just depends on the player’s need and ability.


When considering a paintball gun’s price, we may refer to the old adage that you get what you pay for. However, there is a little more to be said on the topic.

Paintball guns are priced along an extremely large spectrum. They can range from very cheap to incredibly expensive.

How much you are willing or advised to spend on a gun depends on a few things:

  • how committed you are to the sport
  • where you are skill-wise
  • your budget.

If you buy too cheap of a gun, you will likely not be very productive with it, and the money may have just as well been wasted. Conversely, buying the absolute most expensive gun on the market does not automatically equate to the “best” gun either.

Knowledgeable paintballers and paintball gun enthusiasts will know how to customize, modify, and upgrade certain parts of their gun to improve its overall potential.

Like anything, a cost-benefit analysis should be reasonably performed, and something in the mid-price range is a good place to begin looking.

accurate paintball marker
There are several factors we need to consider to come up with the most accurate paintball gun. It is one thing to make first few shots straight. And something completely different to be able to shoot where you want to when your heart rate is high, you are sweating and on top of that your legs are tired.

Looks and Appearance

The visual appeal of a gun will weigh into your choice of paintball gun because, to be honest, the better your gun looks, the more you will want to go out and perform with it. Having a gun that looks good can be a great incentive to play more, automatically improving your accuracy.

Paintball guns come in a very wide array of style options. Some are modeled after handguns, some after assault rifles or submachine guns, and some just look like classic paintball guns. And if you wonder, paintball guns don’t need to have orange tips like some airsoft guns or other gun imitations do.

Furthermore, paintball guns can be found in many different colors and paints, making them more or less advantageous for camouflaging in certain environments.


When people think of paintball gun accuracy, their minds will likely go first to the gun’s specs—the barrel, the scope, the feed, the recoil, etc.—but these are by no means the only factors that affect accuracy.

The way a particular gun feels in your hands will determine a lot of its accuracy. 

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, skill and equipment both play a role in accuracy.

Some guns have comfortable grips manufactured with grippy materials to make them conform better to the hand. Other guns will have a foregrip, which will allow the non-trigger hand to help provide further stability to the gun itself. It is also common to see paintball guns with shoulder stocks allowing them to be braced against the user’s body, granting the player tight accuracy and greater control.

Before settling on a gun, it is advisable to hold it, feel it out, and see how it matches your build and your hands (a good thing that Amazon has free return policy). The best paintball gun for you is always the one that feels best, and that preference is highly individual.

Where some users may desire total recoil reduction, others may welcome a little bit of recoil. While some paintballers might like the shoulder stock option, others may feel more comfortable with a free brace marker. 


The last factor of consideration on this buyer’s guide is the weight. The sheer weight of a gun will play a big role in accuracy, especially as the game wears on.

A day of paintball can last hours, and carrying around a heavy, bulky paintball gun all that time takes its toll and will inevitably start to fatigue your arm.

Most paintball guns are scientifically designed and crafted from lightweight materials that are, at the same time, durable to solve the problem of fatigue over time. 

A lighter gun with a comfortable grip will allow you to raise your gun and take aim much more comfortably and help you steady yourself and improve accuracy.

Now that we have gone over in-depth the various factors to keep in mind when buying a paintball gun and how each of these factors will contribute to or detract from your accuracy—we will now present our list of the most accurate paintball guns available.

Tippmann TMC Magfed 

When talking of pure accuracy, in the absence of all other considerations, the Tippmann TMC magfed paintball gun is simply the best gun available.

Anyone familiar with it will surely have no surprise to see it come in number one on this list.

If you ever go up against an opponent who is carrying a magfed Tippmann TMC, all we can say is good luck because you’ll need it.

Tippmann TMC review

Modeled after an AR15, the Tippmann TMC is compatible with both a magazine or, if you prefer, a classic standard hopper feed. 

The amount of personalization you can do to the Tippmann TMC is seemingly limitless.

The stock barrel of the Tippmann TMC magfed is 12″ and is sure to maximize the gun’s trajectory regardless of remaining airpower.

The Tippmann TMC magfed is compatible with both CO2 and HPA air, and the air is fed through the grip of the gun, making it very convenient and preventing interference.

Furthermore, the iron sight on the Tippmann TMC is incredibly helpful for further improving accuracy. Not only that, but it simply looks cool.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

If you are new to paintball, the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is by and large the best gun for you, and you need not look any further.

Planet Eclipse products are known for their durability, reliability, and simplistic brilliance; the EMEK 100 is no different.

Planet Eclipse EMEK

The physical structure of EMEK 100 is compact, lightweight, comfortable, and will make target accuracy seem practically effortless.

The EMEK 100 features a single foregrip for added stability, providing the user with more accuracy.

The entire frame, body, and foregrip are one piece, constructed from high-quality GRN composite, so you can be well assured that the EMEK 100 is built to last.

One thing that should be mentioned is that the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is not compatible with CO2 and can only be used in conjunction with air power.

The hopper’s feedneck is universal, allowing you a great range of options to meet your preference.

Planet Eclipse’s inspiration behind the EMEK 100, above all else, was customizability

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber

If you are looking for a high rate of fire coupled with extreme accuracy, the Tippmann A-5 .68 caliber is the epitome of both.

The Tippmann A-5 .68 cal can fire off an extraordinary 15 balls per second

The stock equipped hopper of the Tippmann A-5 .68 has a capacity of 200 rounds. This will prove necessary when considering how fast you’ll be dispersing balls. 

Tippmann A-5 showcase.

Due to the very fast feed and dispersal of balls that the A-5 produces, it is very well suited for attacking players’ clusters in close quarters on indoor courses.

The barrel of the Tippmann A-5 .68 cal measures in at 8.5 inches in length, which is more than sufficient enough to produce the accuracy required for pinpointing your target. 

The best range for the Tippmann A-5 to be effective is roughly 150 feet. Of course, this can be easily changed through alteration.

The weight of the Tippmann A-5 is a mere 3.1 pounds, so players could theoretically carry this gun around all day with no arm fatigue or compromised accuracy due to shaking and human error.

Note that the Tippmann A-5 .68 cal does not come stock with a response trigger, but one could easily be purchased separately and substituted. 

Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber

If you have not already noticed, the Tippmann brand is a common feature on this list, and it is for a good reason.

Tippmann has made a name for themselves by providing impeccable quality and a huge catalog of different paintball guns to choose from. 

Their paintball guns are unique, aesthetic, and as accurate as they come.

This brings us to the fourth entry on this list: the Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 cal.

Tippmann Stormer Elite shooting showcase.

Right off the bat, the Tippmann Stormer Elite features a rare dual-feed system, allowing either a magazine or a standard hopper to be used. This makes it especially beneficial for beginners because it allows them to decide whether they prefer a traditional hopper or a magfed setup. 

The Tippmann Stomer Elite .68 is easily one of the most customizable guns in existence.

In regards to the outer shell exterior of the Stormer Elite, it features a comfortable contoured foregrip and a shoulder stock. This makes the Stormer Elite very easy to stabilize and control and improve accuracy by leaps and bounds. Having a shoulder stock makes a huge difference.

The barrel’s sight makes it easy to produce very accurate shots at long distances by lining up targets in sight.

The Stormer Elite can accommodate both CO2 and HPA compressed air power.

The best part about the Stormer Elite is the price. The price you will pay is nothing compared to the value you can derive from this flawless marker.

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker

The Dye Rize CZR is an incredibly accurate gun that is easy to use, easy to clean, and provides a smooth shot at any range.

One of the most prominent contributing factors to The Rail’s accuracy is its two-piece 14-inch micro honed barrel, which makes it great for firing long distances with perfect aim.

Testing the Dye Rize CZR

The Rail is a very lightweight and minimalistic gun that relies on timing and range. This gun is ideal for beginners and intermediate players because of its simplicity and ease of setup/use.

One of the unique features of the Dye Rize CZR is that it comes stock fitted with an electronic trigger that can directly communicate with the hopper. This means that it can react instantaneously and save time and air. 

One of the first things users of this gun will notice the comfort of its grip. The Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker is designed with special sticky grips that will not become slippery from sweating and are very comfortable to hold for long periods. 

As far as pure comfort is concerned, the Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker is surely number one.


This article’s goal was two-fold: first, we wanted to provide the reader with a comprehensive reading guide to make an informed buying decision when contemplating the many paintball guns currently on the market. Second, give a list of the most accurate paintball guns available.

After determining these many factors and considerations and examining them closely, we determined that the Tippmann TMC Magfed, the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100, the Tippmann A-5 .68 caliber, the Tippmann Stormer Elite, and the Dye Rize CZR are the most accurate paintball guns.