What Size HPA Tank Should You Get for Airsoft?

HPA (High-Pressure Air) systems are perfect for high-performance airsoft guns. Airsoft adopted the technology from paintball, which needs a powerful mechanism to fire heavy paintballs. HPA airsoft tanks are slightly less powerful, but they are one of the best airsoft firing mechanisms. 

You should get a 4500PSI HPA tank for airsoft. 4500PSI HPA tanks last longer as they hold more air than low-pressure tanks. Ensure that the tank you buy is a 4500PSI HPA tank, regardless of the tank’s cubic inches. 

Below, I will explain why you should go for the highest pressure tank available. I will also detail how to take care of your tank to increase its longevity and guarantee your safety. 

4500PSI HPA Tank for Airsoft

HPA Tank capacities come in a CI/PSI format (CI stands for Cubic Inches, and PSI represents the tank’s air pressure). Therefore a 90CI/4500PSI tank has 90 cubic inches (1474.84 ml) of air pressurized to 4500PSI. 

You should get a 4500PSI HPA tank for airsoft because it offers the best performance. Its main advantage is that it lasts longer, allowing for prolonged shooting. 

The tank’s CI depends on personal preference. Nevertheless, always go for the 4500.

A 90CI/3000PSI tank holds less air than a 90CI/4500PSI tank. Both tanks have similar capacity, but the 4500PSI takes in more air

Another advantage to picking a 4500PSI tank for airsoft is that it’s lighter: 4500PSI tanks are made of carbon fiber, which is very light. 3000PSI tanks are made from aluminum, which is light but not as much as carbon fiber. 

Truthfully, you’ll barely notice the weight difference, but it’s worth noting as an advantage for 4500PSI tanks. 

However, you’ll notice that the carbon fiber 4500PSI tanks carbon fiber construction looks way more remarkable than the bland aluminum casing of a 3000PSI tank. 

A potential downside to the 4500PSI is that some filling stations don’t fill up to 4500PSI. Therefore, before you purchase a 4500PSI tank, verify that you have access to a filling station capable of filling up to 4500PSI. 

Beginners Should Get a Super Low Pressure Tank

You don’t need a high-pressure tank to enjoy airsoft, especially if you’re a beginner. You’ll still enjoy using a super low pressure tank as the light airsoft pellets don’t require much pressure to fly through the air. I insist on high-pressure tanks because they carry more air.

For airsoft beginners, a super low pressure tank will work perfectly. It’s less complex, providing the perfect basis for learning airsoft. 

It’s also cheaper to start with a super low pressure tank. 

Note: You can use any regulator with a super low pressure tank. However, you shouldn’t pair a standard tank with a super low pressure regulator. A super low pressure regulator will break if used with a standard tank as it can’t handle the pressure from a standard tank.

To learn more, check out this video guide:

Tips on HPA Tank Maintenance

HPA airsoft tanks are pretty easy to maintain. However, poor maintenance can reduce the longevity of HPA tanks or cause injury to the user. 

These tips will help preserve the longevity of your HPA Tank, regardless of the size you choose. 

Prevent Impurities From Entering the Fill Nipple

Plenty of HPA users fear that the tank will explode. It’s a legitimate concern, but it shouldn’t occur if you maintain your HPA tank properly.

HPA tanks explode due to impurities present on the fill nipple. Some HPA users erroneously place a drop of oil on the fill nipple before refilling. 

While refilling, the drop of oil gets into the tank of pressurized air.

The risk of explosion increases during rapid refilling. Rapid refilling generates plenty of heat, which can ignite the oil droplet inside the HPA tank. To see what I mean, check out this video:

Igniting a drop of oil typically doesn’t cause an explosion. However, igniting an oil drop in a tank of pressure will cause a bang, as demonstrated in this video:

The bang will not only destroy your expensive tank but is also likely to cause injury. 

It’s safe to use oil for co2 tanks for paintball as it lubes the interiors of the system. Unfortunately, some people also use oil for HPA, which is unsafe. 

DO NOT use oil or any lubricant when refilling an HPA tank. 

Additionally, keep the HPA tank free of any impurities like dust. They pose a risk if they get into the tank with compressed air. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean the Tank

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best ways to clean several impurities off your tank. 

To use, simply smudge a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe the tank. Be careful to avoid rubbing any of it on the nipple. 

Empty the Tank To Inspect for Leaks

HPA tanks can leak due to several reasons, including mishandling, age, or dirt. 

Before inspecting for leaks, be sure to empty the tank. This guarantees both you and the tank remain safe. 

Use the Right Regulators With the Right Tanks

An HPA tank regulator reduces the output pressure from the tank to pressure usable by the gun.

Tanks come fitted with regulators, but some don’t reduce the pressure enough. Therefore, you need a regulator to lower the pressure further. 

To guarantee safety, pair an HPA tank with the appropriate regulator. 

The biggest risk with regulators lies with the super low pressure regulators. As stated above, you should only pair a low pressure regulator with a super low pressure tank. 

Regulating a regular gun with an SLP regulator will destroy the regulator and possibly cause injury.


The 4500PSI tank is the best tank for airsoft because it contains the most air pressure and will last the longest. The tank’s cubic inches depend on your preference. Nevertheless, ensure that you get a 4500PSI tank.

However, beginners should opt for a super low pressure tank. 

HPA maintenance is easy. Just be sure the fill nipple always stays clean, especially when refilling, as an impurity in your pressurized gas tank can cause a dangerous explosion.

Also, keep your tank clean and remember to pair it with the correct regulator.