Paintball Strategy For Protect The President Or VIP with Video

So you have been assigned the mission to keep the President or VIP safe and escort him to his vehicle or to a final place. It is your duty to maintain the President alive no matter the cost, but you have to cross an uncertain battlefield. All of a sudden, you begin to hear echoes of the sound of gunfire; you run to secure his safety, complete the mission, and call for reinforcements as you come under attack. But which strategy will help you to achieve this difficult mission?

One of the best ways to protect the president is by staying hidden or moving when possible. Be alert and have eyes on your back. There should be a designated person in charge of the physical protection of the president; this person should always remain next to them and even act as a shield.

In this post, we will provide you with some strategies and tips to complete your mission and keep the President or the VIP safe and sound. But first of all, what is this ”protect the president” game about?

The goal is simple and clear: you have to keep the president alive at all costs. There are two ways of playing this. The most common one is that one team, which is smaller in size, will select a member as a president. The rest of the team members will act as bodyguards; the opposite team will be playing as terrorists who want to take down the president. The president’s team should keep the president alive for a specific amount of time or deliver him to a safe place.

The other way of playing this is that each team will select one or two members to serve as their “president.” The remaining teammates will serve as the president’s bodyguard. The key is to eliminate the president of the opposite team first or have the president delivered to a safe zone.

Tips And Strategies To Keep The President Or VIP Safe

Once the mission starts, your objective is to protect the president at all costs. There are some ways you might already know from experience and common sense that can keep you safe, but when protecting others, you might need some other tips and strategies. So here are the best ways to prevent enemies from reaching their target.

Video: Paintball – Protect The President

Keep The Distance Between Your Mates

Keeping some distance between members of the same team will help you cover a larger perimeter without compromising the team’s safety and integrity.

By separating the team across the field, you avoid the whole squad getting surrounded by the enemy, which, most of the time, is more significant in numbers and will defeat your team and take down the president or VIP in no time.

Assign A Personal Security Guard

It would be best if you assigned a specific person to cover and secure the president. This person should always remain next to them. Additionally, this person will have to act as their shooter and shield.

This person will have to be alert to their surroundings, be super agile and have good reflexes, so be wise and choose the best player to play this role.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Do not just focus on your mission or target. Be sure to pay attention to everything surrounding you. It would be best to keep in mind that your enemy could be hidden and silent, so every sound is crucial for you to know the whereabouts of the opposite team.

Think Ahead

Think like your enemy. Try to imagine where your enemy might be positioned ahead of time. This will help us avoid going to those places. Furthermore, pay extra attention to them so you can act fast and accurately.

Run In A ZigZag Pattern

If you run in a straight line, you will become a predictable target for the opponent team. Try to follow a random zig-zag pattern to avoid getting shot. This also could help you maintain the president safe, but it is extremely important to inform the president which pattern you will be using.

Take Your Time

Do not rush to make a decision; if you do so, both you and the president could become the center of attention.

Taking some time out of the battlefield, stalking around, and picking off opponents is often the most fantastic strategy to last the whole mission.

Walk Like A Dead Man

This strategy is risky and might not work most of the time. Nevertheless, this is great for members of the team who are not the president or his closest bodyguards. It consists of walking casually across the field, with your hands down to ensure you will not cheat, and hoping for the best. The goal here is to be mistaken for a player that is out of the game. You can take advantage of this opportunity to strike your opponent by surprise. This strategy works best for a team with a large number of members.

Putting Out Fire

Also known as covering fire, this strategy consists of starting to shoot quickly to force the opposing team to hide and seek protection. This strategy is one of the most effective ones, and it gives your team the advantage to either move to a better position or deliver the president to the established safe place.

Team Up In Pairs

It is the best idea to work in pairs or groups of three, thereby avoiding being alone. This strategy also helps to cover each others’ backs and will also make an excellent barrier to protect the president.

Plan To Go In A Formation

If you want to keep everything organized, try to move in formation to help maintain the President’s safety. It is crucial to communicate how things should be done. For this strategy to work, you need to tell the president to always keep his head down and listen carefully to all the bodyguards, especially the one in charge of his direct safety.

One of the formations out there is the diamond formation. This is achieved by putting one of the team members in the front, followed by the others, who will surround the president, forming a circle around him. If it is a team of six bodyguards, one will be in front of the president, another one will be behind him, one on the right and two on the left.

Keep Good Communication With Your Team

To be able to implement all the strategies listed above, your team needs to communicate efficiently. Communication is vital, and it is the first thing to take into consideration to make the plan work and keep the president safe.

Final Thoughts

There are a few strategies that can help you to complete the mission of protecting the President. But the most important thing you always need to do is to communicate with your team. If you do not talk to your teammates, there is no way for your team to succeed, even if you have the best strategy possible. You can also come up with a strategy of your own. This practice is perfect as it will not be predictable in any way.

As a game, paintball requires skills that can be developed and improved with practice and perhaps a little trial and error. Therefore, your best strategy is to keep practicing and improving so you can eliminate your opponents quickly and protect your president no matter what.