Paintball Tips For Girls

Many people believe that paintball is “just for men.” However, this is a common misconception, and it is based on gender roles. In this article, you will find tips and tricks that will show you what you should do before playing paintball.

There are many things that a girl (and beginners) should know before playing paintball—for instance, choosing the correct attire and wearing protective gear. Additionally, tips like not feeling intimidated, not fearing the paintball, having your hair up, and teamwork can improve your game.

Keep reading to get more tips to have the best experience you can have while playing this amazing sport.

Which Clothes Should I Use If I Am A Girl That Wants To Play Paintball?

If you want to play paintball with some friends, you will need special attire to avoid getting hurt or dirty. Here are some of the best clothes recommendations for girls that are interested in practicing paintball:

  1. Padded bra or sports bra: This is one of the essential things that girls should consider before going to a paintball game. If someone accidentally shoots your breast area, it can hurt a lot. Having some coverage there is a must. A sports bra with a normal bra underneath can be the best option for some girls.
  1. Layers of clothes: What people recommend is wearing a tank top or sleeveless top with a sweatshirt, hoodie, or long sleeve shirt on top of it. This will help you to feel more secure during the game, and it can reduce the fear of feeling pain if someone shoots you.
  1. Clothes that you can get dirty: This is extremely important because the main objective of playing paintball is getting messy and dirty with paint bullets (balls). So, you should never wear a piece of clothing that you love or do not want to ruin with paint.
  1. Camouflage clothes: Wearing colorful or eye-catching clothes will not help you because the point of this game is to avoid getting shot by another player. Also, white clothes do not work either. The goal here is to wear black or dark-colored pieces that are harder to spot on the field where you will play.
  1. Sweatpants with leggings underneath: Many women use this technique because sweatpants and leggings are comfortable. These two pieces of clothes are highly recommended because they are made from thick materials that are ideal for paintball.
  1. Flexible and comfortable sports shoes: Tennis shoes are suitable for this game because they can be comfortable and protective, which is what a girl wants when it comes to this game. It would be best if you pick a pair that does not bother you at all.
  1. Gloves, vests, knee protectors, helmets, and camo suits: The majority of paintball fields offer these protective pieces that you need to wear to complete your paintball outfit. Yet, if they do not have them, you could buy all of these things if you want to play more than one time.
Video: Girls of Paintball – AirUps Angels – All Women Tournament Paintball Team

Which Clothes Are Recommended For A Paintball Game In Summer?

As you know, summer is hot and humid, and there are some pieces that you cannot wear. Here are the suggested garments for a fun and comfortable paintball match:

  1. You can use a tank top without a hoodie on top: What you can do is wear a tank top and the camo suit, but do not leave your arms uncovered. If someone shoots you, it will hurt a lot.
  1. Head accessories like bandanas or headwraps: Summer means sweating a lot, and you will sweat even more if you are playing paintball. Having a headwrap or bandana will help you soak up all the sweat and avoid getting it all over your face.
  1. No need to wear too many clothes: You can reduce the number of pieces you usually wear at a paintball game depending on the season of the year.

Which Clothes Are Recommended For A Paintball Game In Winter?

In contrast to the previous section, we will discuss what a girl should wear during a winter paintball game.

  1. You can wear thick clothes: This will help you greatly because it means more protection. Also, you can wear more layers compared to summer. It is important to note that paintball shots hit hard during winter because your body is colder.
  1. You can use anti-fog sprays or anything that avoids fog: Wearing an all-head helmet can be challenging during winter. Your visor can get foggy, and it can be harder for you to see and play correctly.

Which Clothes Are Not Allowed In A Paintball Game?

These are the pieces that you should stay away from if you are going to attend a paintball match:

  1. Flip flops, sandals, or open shoes: These types of shoes are very uncomfortable when it comes to running with them. Also, if you get a paintball shot on your feet, it will be painful if they are entirely uncovered.
  1. As a girl, you should never wear skinny jeans in a paintball game: Skinny jeans are one of the worst enemies of paintball games. They are tight and can be a little uncomfortable if you are going to constantly move, bend, and sweat.
It is true that paintball is mostly played by men, but that doesn’t mean there are no special options for gear and equipment just for girls.

Tips For Girls That Want To Play Paintball

This is what you need to know before your first game as a girl:

  1. Do not get intimidated by boys or other girls that know how to play: Practice makes perfect. If you keep playing and learning how to play, eventually, you will be as good as the rest.
  1. Try to lose your fear of paintball: Yes, paintball shots can hurt. Yet, if you get too scared or afraid, the pain can be worse. You will be nervous and anxious every time you play, and this is not the goal. The goal is to have an amazing and fun time with friends.
  1. You need to be concentrated and aware of everything: This game/sport requires a lot of concentration and some skills (like fast reflexes).
  1. Teamwork is key: You will not achieve anything if you do not communicate and plan everything with your team. You have to help them, and they will need to help you too.
  1. Move around: If you stay in the same spot, people will eventually see you. You need to move carefully and regularly during the game.
  1. Use a ponytail, braid, or bun: Having your hair in your face during a game can be annoying, so this is a must before playing.

What You Should Never Do While Playing Paintball

You should never hurt people for your enjoyment. Shooting someone too close to you or repeatedly without stopping can cause severe injuries to others. Also, it would be best if you did not shoot someone in the same place more than once because it can leave your teammate bleeding and hurting.

Recommended Paintball Guns For Beginners

You do not need a particular or girly gun. You can use guns like Tippmann Alpha Elite, Planet Eclipse Emek, or Tippmann Cronus. Professionals suggest using them because they are comfortable and convenient for beginners.

I have an article on the best full auto paintball guns, check it out here.

How Old Does A Girl Have To Be To Play Paintball?

The suggested age for a girl (and any kid) to play paintball is fourteen. Why? Because at that age, you are highly conscious of paintball rules, and you can handle pain better. Nonetheless, every person is different, so if you are under fourteen and you think you can play with no issue, you can go to a paintball field with a tutor or parent.


As you can see, there are many things that you need to keep in mind before playing paintball. If you follow these rules and tips, you will have so much fun while playing, and hopefully, your experience will be a 10 out of 10.

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