Best Paintball Masks for Glasses Wearers (Buyer’s Guide)

One of the biggest challenges for glasses wearers when playing paintball is their glasses. You see, not wearing a paintball mask in a live game is out of the question, but when you do, either the mask or your glasses gets in the way. Luckily, many paintball masks are suitable for glasses wearers, and you just have to find the best option.

The best paintball mask for glasses wearers is Virtue VIO Ascend. It’s a well-rounded mask that has all the features you need, without compromises. You may also want to consider Dye i5 or Empire EVS paintball masks. These are suitable for glasses wearers and will help you be your best on the field.

Aside from these three, there are other paintball masks that you can use for your games. Stick around because aside from the best masks you can use, we’ll also provide you tips on choosing the best for you and how you can get the most out of them.

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Mask

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Virtue VIO Ascend may not have splurge-worthy features that you can get from other more expensive masks, but it has everything that paintball players need. Besides the essential features it offers, you’re also getting great versatility and upgradability options that won’t break the bank.

This mask features a single-piece design that makes it an effective gear for paintball players. There are no visible joints, but anyone can replace its lens with any of the 18 different color options available in less than 10 seconds. All thermal lens options have an anti-fog hydrophobic coating, high scratch resistance, and UV rays protection.

Aside from this, you can also choose from 16 visor options, and it’s compatible with all VIO straps and facial foams. So, even if you don’t spend a lot to get this mask, there are various options for you to upgrade it and get better features whenever you want.

Finally, we chose this as the best paintball mask for glasses wearers because it has enough space to safely and comfortably fit glasses.

  • A versatile and upgradable mask that fits your needs
  • Maximum protection and comfort for glasses wearers
  • Multiple coating for the thermal lens
  • Excellent breathability with an option to use a fan
  • Affordable without compromises
  • Lack of ear padding
  • Chromatic lenses sold separately
  • Lack of customizability for frame and mask

If you’re okay with Virtue VIO Ascend’s disadvantages, then it’s one of the best paintball masks you can use. Sure, there are other masks at the same price point, but it’ll be hard to find one that has the features and upgradeability it has.

JT Spectra ProFlex LE Thermal Mask

There’s a persistent belief that paintball masks for glasses wearers tend to be more expensive, but JT Spectra ProFlex LE is proof that it’s not. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable masks that you can get, and there’s a minimal drawback to it. That’s why we always recommend this to players who are looking for the best entry-level paintball mask.

Despite the lower price, you won’t really feel that JT Spectra ProFlex mask is cheap because it has most of the essential features you may want for your paintball mask.

First, you can attach a fan to the frame and blow air in or out of the mask. Although you have to purchase it separately, it’s still an excellent upgrade option that allows you to get more from it.

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Aside from this, it also comes with an anti-fog thermal lens that prevents fog build-up while you’re on the field. It also comes with a coating that protects you from harmful UV rays. Lastly, it comes with a comfortable facial foam that creates a gap between the mask and your glasses. It even has enough cushion that minimizes the impact of paintballs hitting your face.

  • Excellent ventilation and breathability
  • 260-degree wide scope peripheral vision
  • Anti-fog and anti-UV ray thermal lens
  • Lightweight even with the accessories
  • Compatible with Vortex II fan
  • Accessories can make it relatively expensive
  • The space between glasses and mask is a bit tight

If you’re not planning on getting additional accessories, JT Spectra ProFlex LE is a great buy. It works well on its own, but it can be very costly if you want to get more features from it. Nonetheless, it’s one of the cheapest paintball masks that glasses wearers can buy.

Dye i5 Paintball Mask

If you want to splurge a bit for your paintball mask, our top recommendation is Dye i5. Sure, it’s an expensive choice, but the features it has are well-worth the price. In fact, if money isn’t a factor, we would’ve placed this on the top of this list. It’s designed for extreme comfort without compromises, even for glasses wearers.

The facial foam does wonders when you’re wearing it; it’s soft enough to wear comfortably for hours but firm enough to provide cushioning for paintball impacts. Aside from this, the facial foam also absorbs sweat that minimizes fog build-up, allowing you just focus on your game.

Video: Dye i5 Paintball Mask – Review

Dye i5 also features multi-dimensional vents for better breathability, which is also an effective way to minimize fog build-up. The combination of an anti-fog thermal lens and a polarized lens with UV protection is a perfect combination that lets you perform well while you’re on the field.

When you’re in the game, there are times when you may want to replace your lens, and it can be frustrating if you’re using other masks. But Dye i5 allows you to do it in about 10 to 15 seconds—all while providing you the protection you need. And to top it all off, it comes with a POV camera that allows you to record your game for review.

  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable even for long games
  • Adjustable strap to fit any size
  • High breathability and exceptional ventilation
  • Scratch, fog, and UV ray resistant lens
  • Enough space to fit glasses safely and comfortably
  • Foamed earpieces for added protection
  • Quite expensive compared to other paintball masks

Again, if money isn’t a concern, Dye i5 is our top pick for the best masks for glasses wearers. It costs twice—maybe even thrice—the price of most paintball masks, but all of its features are well worth the price.

Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask

Some people refer to the Empire EVS as the first smart paintball mask because of its features. It’s also not as expensive as other masks with the same features, and sometimes, it’s even better than more expensive ones. It’s a well-rounded paintball mask that can provide you with everything you need when on the field.

Video: Empire EVS Paintball Mask – Review

This mask has enough interior space that allows players to wear any glass inside and still have a gap between the glasses and lens. Its anti-fog thermal lens is also UV- and scratch-resistant with multi-coatings to offer better protection for the user. Aside from this, it comes with a 270-degree wide scope peripheral vision, making it easier for you to spot your targets.

Despite being heavy, it’s still one of the most comfortable paintball masks that you can wear. The triple-density facial foam has the right balance between softness for comfort and firmness for protection. It also features a large vent that provides the wearer with exceptional breathability, making it perfect for long games.

  • Compatibility with any glasses
  • Triple-density facial foam that absorbs sweat
  • Thermo-formed earing design for better comfort
  • Multi-dimensional vent for unparalleled breathability
  • Multi-coated thermal lens
  • Quite heavy with all the added features
  • Vents leave an opening where paint can go through
  • It takes a bit longer to replace the lens and facial foam

Empire EVS isn’t the cheapest paintball mask that you can buy, but with all the features and design elements that it has, I’m sure that it’ll be on the top of your list as well. I haven’t enjoyed using a paintball mask as much as I did with it.

Push Unite Paintball Mask

If you want a paintball mask that takes out all the guesswork, then Push Unite is the best option for you. It features various cutting-edge technology that makes it possible to protect yourself while making your glasses less of a factor for your games. It’s the most expensive on this list, but it still provides excellent value for its users.

It comes with a quad-layer anti-fog thermal lens that is both scratch- and UV ray-resistant. While in-game, you can quickly change the lens to better adapt to your game. The wide scope vision that it provides is also something that you won’t easily find in other paintball masks.

Video: Push Unite Paintball Mask – Review

Push Unite has a magnetic chin strap and adjustable nose bridge that makes it possible to fit precisely on your face without any discomfort. Said another way, this paintball mask will fit your head like glue without any discomfort. The remarkable facial foam also makes it possible for this mask to create a universally precise fit for anyone.

  • Exceptional ventilation and breathability
  • Perfect fit for anyone, even with glasses
  • Wide scope vision
  • Quad-layer thermal lens that works with any environment
  • Comfortable for hours of playtime
  • More expensive than most paintball mask
  • Heavier than most paintball mask

If you’re looking for a premium paintball mask that doesn’t have any compromises, Push Unite is the best option for you. It has everything that glasses wearers need, and you don’t even have to worry about its fitting because I’m sure that it’ll fit you perfectly.

Things to Consider When Looking for Paintball Masks for Glasses Wearers

Playing without a mask is out of the question, and the same is true for playing without glasses. You need both to be effective on the field, but often, these two don’t go well together. That’s why glasses wearers must look for a paintball mask suitable for them to be effective on the field.

But even if you have any of the ones we recommend, you may still not get the best experience when on the field. So, to help you zero in on the best paintball mask that works well for you, even while wearing glasses, here are some things you need to consider:

Great Comfort Even for Long Games

When looking for a paintball mask, many people think that safety comes first. But comfort is just as important. Discomfort may not be something that you’ll feel if you’ve only worn the mask for a few minutes—we all know that paintball games aren’t that short. The best case would be that you’ll wear it for a few hours, which can already make many masks uncomfortable and could affect the way you play games.

Only Get the One With Fog Prevention

Fog build-up is the biggest challenge that players who wear glasses face. If you want to be sure that your mask will be an important part of your ensemble, always get the one that has fog prevention. It ensures that your view will always be clear, no matter how long your games last. Of course, other features such as polarized lens, UV and scratch resistance, and multi-layer coats can help you play better.

Get Oversized Masks

If you’re wearing glasses, you need something bigger than the usual paintball masks you see to have enough space to fit your glasses. It should have enough gap between the mask and glasses to protect your eyes from injuries and ensure that it won’t press hard on your nose bridge, which can also increase fog build-up.

High-Quality Facial Foam

Aside from comfort even after long hours of play, a high-quality facial foam will also provide your mask with enough cushion and space between the mask and your glasses. With enough space, you’re not only making yourself more comfortable, but you also protect your glasses from the impact of paintballs.

Pro Tips When Playing With Glasses

As someone who wears glasses, I’ve spent countless hours looking for the best paintball mask that I can use. But during my search, I stumbled upon some tips that I’ve been using for years to help me play better, even with glasses. Here are 4 pro tips that I’ll be sharing with you to help you play better and reduce the effect of wearing glasses on your games:

Use Anti-Fog Spray

Even if you have the best paintball mask for glasses wearers, there will still be some fog build-up on your lens, making it difficult to play. If you want to eliminate it and make it less of a factor that can affect your games, you may want to consider using a high-quality anti-fog spray. Sure, it’s quite expensive, and some players even think that it’s unnecessary, but it’s a must if you want to play competitively.

Use Glasses Strap

Your glasses should never be the reason why you can’t play paintball, but they could have a negative impact if you’re not wearing them properly. Paintball is an intense game, and your glasses may slip while in-game, which can be very frustrating to deal with, especially if you’re caught in the middle of a crossfire.

We may ignore it when we’re not playing—some glasses wearers even have the habit of lifting their glasses every couple of minutes. But that is something you don’t want to do while you’re in the middle of the game. Using a strap will keep your glasses in place and let you focus on the game—not on your glasses.

Use a Fan To Clear the Fog

If your mask is compatible with a fan, using one will make it easier for you to prevent fog build-up while playing. Sure, not all paintball masks have this feature, and you may still do well even without it. But don’t underestimate what it can do to improve your mask’s breathability and fog prevention. Use it; you’ll be glad you did.

Also, we have an article on the best anti-fog paintball mask. You can find it on this link.

Use a Headband

Sweat is another thing that you need to avoid when playing. Of course, it won’t be a problem if you’re just sweating, but if it’s on your forehead, it can easily drip down your mask and into your glasses. It can cause skin irritation and fogging, resulting in an overly frustrating game.

Using a headband that is thick enough will not only help you prevent sweat from going through your paintball mask. It also provides you with an added layer of protection on your forehead, preventing welts or bruises. Nobody wants to go home after a long game with a welt on their forehead, right?


Paintball masks are important for every player, but if you’re wearing glasses, you need to be a bit pickier when it comes to the masks you’re using. Unlike players who don’t wear glasses, your mask can have a significant impact on your game and may even force you to get out repeatedly just to fix it.

Aside from having a paintball mask suitable for glasses wearers, you also need to know some of the best practices to help you be more effective on the field. These are the keys to playing competitively, regardless of the glasses that you’re wearing.

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