Can Airsoft Guns Be Used for Self-Defense?

Airsoft guns look a lot like real guns. However, the main difference between the two is that real guns aren’t meant for play, while airsoft guns are specifically designed to shoot BBs in the name of sport. But besides shooting opponents in an airsoft field, can airsoft guns be used for self-defense? 

Airsoft guns can be used for self-defense since they release BBs at high velocities, which can cause light injury upon landing on exposed skin. However, using airsoft guns for self-defense isn’t recommended, not unless you’re in an emergency and have no access to deadly weapons. 

In this article, I’ll discuss whether or not airsoft guns are powerful enough to substitute other weapons for self-defense purposes. Ready? Then let’s get straight to business. 

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airsoft guns can be used for self defense but they are not effecient.
Airsoft guns are inefficient as self-defense. Moreover, you can actually provoke the possibly armed aggressor into thinking you have a real weapon.

Should You Use Airsoft Guns for Self-Defense?

Airsoft guns are meant for play and not self-defense. In a life or death situation with an armed aggressor, using an airsoft gun has more disadvantages than advantages. While you might manage to convince an armed person into thinking you’re also armed, the situation can escalate horribly if the aggressor decides to fire. 

It’s best not to use airsoft guns for self-defense, especially when dealing with armed people. Taking out your airsoft gun in the name of self-defense might prompt the assailants to shoot you with bullets – and you don’t want that!

When To Use an Airsoft Gun for Self-Defense

Ideally, you should never use an airsoft gun for self-defense, especially if you don’t know whether the assailant is armed or not. Below are tips on when to use an airsoft gun for self-defense. 

When You Have No Other Options

A knife is a better option than an airsoft gun. But if an airsoft gun is the closest thing you have, then you might as well fire for self-defense. As a rule, you should never fire an airsoft gun, not unless you’re 100% sure the assailant is unarmed. Confidently holding the airsoft gun can help fool the assailant into thinking it’s a real gun.  

The trick is to hold your airsoft gun confidently enough to convince the aggressor. But if you hesitate, then chances are the bad guy will call your bluff, which will effectively put an end to your defense. 

If You’re an Accurate Shooter

It isn’t advisable to fire your airsoft gun in the face of danger as it can lead to a fire exchange, which can prove fatal if the assailant is armed with a real gun. But if you trust your aim, then you can try shooting the bad guy in the face, which should give you a couple of seconds to run for cover. 

So if you’re going to shoot a BB to the aggressor’s face, then be sure not to miss, as the situation can get worse in a matter of seconds! Try as much as possible to target the assailant’s exposed skin, preferably around the eye where it’ll sting the most. 

When You’re Sure That Your Aggressor Is Unarmed

If you’re dealing with a random pickpocket or someone who clearly isn’t armed, then an airsoft gun might come to your rescue. Not only will the gun scare the aggressor, but you can also shoot some pellets straight to his face. Either way, you’ll need to be very careful should you decide to fire or take out your gun, as you can never be too sure if an assailant is armed or not. 

Reasons Not To Use an Airsoft Gun for Self-Defense

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use an airsoft gun for self-defense.

Airsoft Guns Aren’t Real Guns 

It might be tempting to think an airsoft gun can help in emergencies, but it’s a toy that dispatches plastic pellets instead of actual bullets. 

In all honesty, you’re better off throwing objects like glass bottles at opponents instead of using an airsoft gun. The pellets won’t do much damage to the assailant if they don’t hit exposed skin. 

The Risk Is Too High

After seeing you pull out a gun (whether real or fake), an aggressor’s natural reaction will be to shoot first before he’s shot. Therefore, instead of scaring the assailant, you might end up prompting him to fire his real gun, which can lead to fatal outcomes. 

Real Guns Work Better

If you must use a gun for self-defense, then it’s best to use a real gun. This tip should apply if you live in an unsafe neighborhood or in case you suspect your life is at risk. While it’s good to train your hand movements with airsoft guns, they won’t do much to bail you out in life or death situations. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a weapon that will help you in emergencies, go for real guns. Real guns will increase your chances of survival in an emergency, but you’ll need to get the relevant permits before acquiring one, at least if you want to be on the safe side of the law. 

Best Airsoft Gun for Self-Defense

Airsoft guns come in three main categories (depending on how they’re powered) – spring, electric, and gas models. Of the three categories, the one with the slowest rate of fire is the spring gun, which is also the weakest and least reliable in self-defense situations. 

Gas airsoft guns can work well in emergencies, especially if you decide to spray the assailant with tens of BBs at once. Electric airsoft guns will give you more power and accuracy, making them ideal as self-defense weapons. 

Wrapping Up

As revealed throughout the article, airsoft guns aren’t meant for self-defense or attack purposes. There are a lot more items or objects that can work better during emergency situations than airsoft guns, which lack the power that’s commonly associated with real guns. 

But if you find yourself in a situation where an airsoft gun is all you have, then it’s best to hold it calmly and confidently. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to fire an airsoft gun as it may blow your cover and make the situation worse in case you miss.