Airsoft Gun Not Feeding? Fix It in 4 Easy Steps

Both airsoft gun connoisseurs and newbies run into problems with their airsoft rifles every once in a while. These problems are typically minor, albeit frustrating. When your airsoft gun stops shooting BBs, rest assured that it’s likely an easy fix.

If your airsoft gun is not feeding, the most likely problems include BB quality, issues with the magazine, an improperly adjusted hop-up feature, or a dirty barrel. These issues are inclusive to all models of airsoft guns, although some may require different repair methods.

Fixing an airsoft gun feeding issue is pretty straightforward—but you’ll need to know the airsoft gun’s mechanics, model, and system to get the job done right. This article explains the complete procedure for correcting the problem in different types of airsoft guns. Read on to learn more.

How To Fix an Airsoft Gun That’s Not Feeding

It’s not easy to predict the exact issue that causes feeding problems in an airsoft gun, considering how many different models there are. Each type of airsoft gun has a unique set of mechanics, each of which requires a particular system for repairing.

Usually, you can find information related to fixing these problems in the user manual. However, you have to get to the problem source first. 

If your airsoft gun is not feeding, you must go through several simple steps to check which component is causing the issue, then use the manual to check how you should fix that specific component. These steps are different, depending on the type of airsoft gun you have.

For the sake of convenience, we offer a primary method with each step for the different gun models available, so you know where to start. Please note that while these steps are generally similar for all gun models, their details, for example, the BB types and magazine models will be different, things you will need to know more about by referring to the owner’s manual.

1. Check the BB Quality

Check the quality of the BBs or bearing balls you use with your airsoft gun, and research whether they satisfy all quality requirements. This is important if you bought cheap BB pellets.

Low-quality BBs are not only damaging for your airsoft gun; these cause problems while feeding if a BB splits up or gets stuck somewhere. Check if your BBs are heavier than 0.20 g (0.007 oz). 

Otherwise, throw them away and search for quality BBs.

Video: How to Choose THE BEST Airsoft BBs + Quality Tests

2. Check the Magazine Seating

This is especially important if you’re using an aftermarket magazine. 

Aftermarket magazines don’t carry the exact measurements and aren’t always compatible with the standard airsoft guns available. Take out the magazine and make sure it’s properly seated in the gun.

If not, you’ll need to find an original magazine from an authentic supplier that fits your gun correctly.

You’ll also want to make sure whether you’re fully winding the magazine you begin firing. Feeding issues typically occur if you have a winding wheel in your high-capacity magazine.

You’ll need to learn more about high-cap magazines if you haven’t used them before. Never use components you have no experience with.

3. Check the Hop-Up Rubber

Even if you’re a newbie, you must know what a hop-up rubber is.

The hop-up rubber feature plays a significant role in giving you the right aim. It provides resistance, so the chambered BB remains in place.

If your BBs are jamming or not firing, reset the hop-up. Turn it back to its original position and start gradually turning until you find the correct accuracy. If you don’t know how to adjust the hop-up, refer to the instruction manual provided with your airsoft gun. 

The hop-up adjustment feature is different in each gun and varies by model. Make sure you’re doing the process correctly. If not, have a professional correct the hop-up feature for you, then check the BBs feeding process.

4. Clean the Barrel

A rule of thumb is to clean your gun’s barrel once a month if you use it regularly.

Take out the magazine and see whether it’s safe to clean, then proceed by using an unjamming rod. 

Unjamming and cleaning rods come with the gun when you purchase. Use this rod to remove the jammed BBs. Next, swab the inner barrel of the gun by using small pieces of cotton.

Video: How to Clean an Airsoft Barrel

Reasons Why Your Gun Is Not Feeding According to Your Gun Type

There are three types of airsoft guns available in the market:

  • Auto electric guns
  • Gas rifles or pistols
  • Spring-powered airsoft guns

The aforementioned steps are enough to help solve any BB solving issue you might face. However, if these issues persist, there may be several other reasons that may affect the BB feeding process

Why Your Airsoft AEG Is Not Feeding

If you have an auto electric gun, there is a chance that your airsoft gun’s battery might not be charged, thus causing feeding problems. 

While the original airsoft gun comes with a bit of charge when you purchase it, you must keep the battery charge topped up. If the batteries go by their best-by date, you’ll also want to buy the best AEG batteries out there. 

As is the case with any aftermarket component, you can’t always guarantee quality. Research the best dealers and invest carefully.

Also, if your gun is not shooting when you pull the trigger, check the motor wire connections. Airsoft guns are complex works of technology; and everything needs to be adequately connected.

If the red and black motor wires are connected, disconnect then reconnect them to check whether that solves the problem.

If you’re wary about your airsoft gun’s workings, take it to a professional for an inspection.

For Pistols and Gas Rifles

Pistols and gas rifles are different in design than your average electric airsoft gun. But require the same general routine.

If your gun proceeds to feed the BBs properly through the troubleshooting process, that’s great. But to prevent your gun from not feeding again, you will want to follow specific instructions. Otherwise, the BBs not feeding will be the least of your problems.

Here are some instructions for gas rifles and pistols you must follow:

Do Not Dry Fire Your Gun

Dry-firing or clicking the trigger when your gun has no ammo is detrimental to your gun’s quality. The motion of the slide-lock wear and the gas releasing, thus wearing out the trigger spring, will, in turn, weather down other components of your gun.

As a result, the gun’s hammer and floating valve parts will suffer from wear and tear, inevitably making it harder for you to fire your gun, no matter how much you try.

Do Not Sand Down Any Part of the Gun

Unless you are a master when handling your gun, you must not sand down or scrap any part of your gun for any reason.

Making significant changes to your gun causes loss of gas efficiency and creates accuracy issues when firing. Not to mention that sanding any part of your gun damages the safety interrupter and slide release in the process. 

Even if you have money to spare to experiment on the gun you have and get another, we’d still recommend against making any such decisions.

Oil Your Gun

Sometimes BBs get jammed or don’t feed because the airsoft gun isn’t properly lubricated. Oiling your gun is a part of regular maintenance and it’s up to you to ensure that the pistol is well-lubricated. By not lubricating your airsoft gun, there’s a higher chance that the airsoft gun will break down.

For Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns

Spring-powered airsoft guns or springers use a coil spring and an internal air pump to drive the BB toward the shot. Many electric guns or AEGs also use a spring-powered mechanism, but unlike the spring’s manual operation, the AEGs use battery packs to power the internal motor.

Because of the similarities in the gun’s internal designs, spring-powered airsoft guns require the same inspection process. However, with spring-powered airsoft guns, one factor that’s different is the BB mass.

Unlike other precision airsoft guns such as the electric or the gas rifle, the spring airsoft gun uses a BB with a smaller mass because it is a low-end gun, not a precision weapon. Around 0.12 g (0.004 oz) should suffice for a spring airsoft gun. If you’re using heavier bullets, i.e., 0.20 g (0.007 oz) bullets, your gun will not fire the BBs correctly. 


Common Problems With Airsoft Guns

When using airsoft guns, most models do not present any issues and are often easy to use. However, these will eventually break if you do not treat the problem immediately.

And especially if you’re new to using airsoft guns, you’ll want to be sure you know how to treat each problem quickly. Here are some solutions to some more common problems most airsoft gun users and owners face:

Gas Rifle Blowing Cloud of Gas Through the Ejection Port

This is a possible gas pressure issue. This usually happens when your magazine’s pressure partially resets the slide and locks the hammer halfway. When you fire, the gas blows out via the ejection port.

If this happens, either warm up the gun or consider switching your bottle of gas for a new one. If this doesn’t work, this might be a job for a professional to fix.

My Gun Doesn’t Have Proper Range

No two BBs are alike.

Weight-wise, there are several weights for airsoft BBs, ranging from 0.12 grams to 0.40 grams (0.004-0.014 oz). You can also find 0.25 grams (0.008 oz), 0.28 grams (0.009 oz), and 0.30 grams (0.010 oz). 

Depending on your airsoft gun type, and the fixed hop up, you’ll want to find a pellet that is lighter or heavier than the one you’re using. Typically, we recommend using a lighter pellet.

If you have a gas rifle, lack of range may also be due to a gas pressure problem. Or your gun may simply be equipped to fire at a low range. 

My Slide Doesn’t Lock Back After I Use the Last Pellet

There are two possible reasons why your slide isn’t locking back. Either your slide lock is worn out, or you’ve upgraded your recoil spring, which is preventing the slide from hitting the mechanical stop.

Either way, you can easily amend this by replacing your sliding lock or changing your recoil spring. Replace your recoil spring with your old one and see whether the slide locks back. If not, you may be looking at a problem with low-pressure that will require professional assistance.

Quick Tips for Efficient Airsoft Gun Use

To ensure a high level of efficiency, here are some things you should always do when using airsoft guns:

  • Clean your pistol and oil it before and after use. If you’re using your gun for a longer time, check your gun every six hours, especially if you don’t use it much during the duration.
  • Clean up the gun and oil it after you’ve completed each level of the game. If you’re out for a 24-hour hunt.
  • When using gas rifles, inspect all the screws around the hammer assembly once you’re in a safe location. Shooting BBs causes hard vibrations that can rattle the screws.
  • When storing your gun for a longer period, remove all but of the pellets from the gun’s magazine. This prevents the magazine spring from losing tension and going into compression typically required when loading pellets.
  • Also, oil the valves and o-rings before prolonged storing. This will prevent your gun’s components from cracking, shrinking, and drying out. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to operating an airsoft gun, it won’t take too long to get the hang of how to keep your gun in optimal condition.

Having your airsoft gun not feed can be annoying. Sparing a few minutes of your day to educate yourself on the intricacies of airsoft guns will prevent further issues and lead to fewer breakdowns, which will come in handy when you take out your sidearm for a game, ready and prepared!

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