What Does It Mean To Burn a Patch in Airsoft?

The battle was hot, and tensions were high. Tactics were discussed ahead of time, but some of your team members were burning with rage – something about a burnt patch. But, of course, you’re new to the game, and you don’t get what a patch is or why someone would burn it, or even what makes that such an issue.  

Burning a patch in airsoft refers to a disrespectful form of instigation. If a person from an opposing team lights the identifying emblem of another group on fire before or during a game, it’s an insult. This is something done to inspire retribution or incite vengeance in a friendly airsoft game.  

There are many videos of smoking patches online and references to burning patches in the world of airsoft. This article explains relevant queries to the subject and dives deep into what airsoft patches are, their significance to the game, and why burning them is a big deal.

Video: “He burned my patch” how it happened

What Is an Airsoft Patch?

Some youth and adults alike enjoy imitating the real-life war games associated with the relatively new airsoft sport. Participants in this sport/live-action game subject themselves to the privations of war.  This is especially true for serious sport participants but can be appreciated by novices as well.   

A lot goes into an airsoft game for those that are serious contenders. But, first, you have to form a team, strategize, and develop tactics.

So you formed your airsoft team, purchased the hottest weapons, and invested in the best gear. So, what’s next for the airsoft fanatic? Well, usually, it’s a team patch with your logo and emblem.  

Airsoft patches are a means of identifying yourself as part of a greater airsoft team. They can be simple fabric swatches on your clothing to distinguish you from opposing team members. There are more intricate designs available as well. 

In fact, many prominent airsoft realtors have a unique catalog of personalizable designs just for this aspect of the game.  If you’re a less creative sportsman, there are even pre-made patches with amazing logos your team can adopt as your own.   

Some airsoft patches are beautiful printed pieces of artwork, while some are simple choppy fabric logos.  If you’re more creative, there are lots of sources available about how to create your emblem.  

Check out evike.com or Airsoft GI for patch ideas and customizable patches for you and your airsoft team! Evike and Airsoft GI are some of the top airsoft companies for gear, weapons, and other tactical essentials. Still, you can find more patches at other online retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

You could also get crafty and make some simple logo designs yourself!   

Now, you wouldn’t have to purchase or create patches for your team to play; however, they can provide an added sense of comradery between you and your teammates. Patches are not essential pieces of play, yet, they can help bring the action to life.

What Is the Significance of Patches in Airsoft?

Airsoft aims to imitate battleground scenarios. Most assume that the only part that goes into this is the planning, strategizing, and war-like tactics, but there are other important factors to consider when creating a simulation game.

According to Daniel Rosu’s behavioral science essay titled Participants Profile in Airsoft Sport, war play can strengthen human relationships and feelings of connection.

One way to build authentic human connections is by designating and identifying groups, creating a sense of pride in that group, and then actively defending it. When you’re given an airsoft patch to represent your team, it can really empower each individual team member.  

Beyond the feeling of belonging and simply looking cool, is there a greater significance behind airsoft patches?

According to Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics by Christopher Larsen, several tactical practices and methods are related to patches.  Many strategies listed in this text are just moves named after airsoft patches, but a few cases are more tied explicitly to actual battle tactics.   

For example, there is a “patch to the road” patrol signal that means a dangerous area ahead and that troops in patrol should close up spaces by being shoulder-to-shoulder, or, depending on where your team wears their patches, patch to patch. 

If you’re a novice player, check out Larsen’s ebook here to see more details about patches in tactical responses.

Video: INSANE HUGE Airsoft Patch Collection!

Why Is Burning a Patch a Big Deal?

Although there are some technical reasons behind the significance of airsoft patches, the overwhelming meaning behind a burning patch is essentially pre-battle trash talk.

Airsoft is essentially a live-action role-play scenario. Airsoft is often used in military and police training exercises, team-building activities, and more realistic fun.  

Burning an opposing team’s patch means inviting them to give you their best shot while insinuating that they don’t stand a chance against you. It’s like showing the team it represents the finger. So it is a pretty big deal when it happens to you and your team.

But that’s also usually part of the excitement! Nothing makes a play-fight more realistic than a little intensifying instigation.   

Usually, it is all in good fun, and it adds a sense of belonging between you and your team. However, if another group burnt your logo, filmed it, and sent you the video, wouldn’t that incite you to seek revenge?   

If you’re challenged and someone questions your abilities, you’re going to retaliate – it’s only natural. And, the same is true for the sport of airsoft.      


Through cooperation and tolerance, airsoft is a way to improve and build strong relationships. 

Patches can make the play feel more realistic and bring you a feeling of friendship with your teammates. When you have a patch, it becomes something worth defending, even in just a play scenario.  

Insulting other teams by burning their patch can inspire them to bring the heat on the battlefield and make the fight even more fun and intense. 

If your patch gets burnt, strategize with your team on how best to exact your revenge!