5 Things To Wear When Going Paintballing in the Summer Heat

Summer is a great time to go paintball with friend, but what if it’s hot and you’re already sweating in the shade? How should you dress appropriately to make sure you are well protected and you’re not at risk of heat exhaustion?

Things to wear when going paintballing in the summer heat include five essentials: a sweatshirt, jogging pants, gloves, a good pair of sneakers, and a cap. Two layers of clothing are sufficient (t-shirt + sweatshirt). Avoid wearing too many clothes that could slow you down and using shoes with no grip.

Indeed, if you wear tight pants, you won’t have any ease in your movements; however, shorts won’t be better in case of a fall. And remember, although paintball is not a dangerous sport when you’re well protected, the impact of a ball can still bruise your skin. Read on to find out more about the proper way to dress and play this fantastic sport.

Basic Tips To Remember Before Going Paintballing

Before thinking about the paintball outfit, make sure to be well prepared! Let’s review some basic advice:

  • Preparation. Above all, don’t neglect your preparation. Well prepared, you’ll be better protected and won’t risk ruining your paintball clothes and gear or walking away bruised. On the contrary, if you are ill-prepared, you will run into a disaster, and you may be disgusted by this excellent sporting activity.
  • Review the terrain characteristics. It’s also important to research the features of the terrain. Depending on these parameters, you could face muddy trails, slippery paths, hilly terrain, rain, snow, or even extreme temperatures.
  • Bring multiple clothing layers. That will help you to adapt to the weather and temperature fluctuations. The rule of thumb is to cover all parts of your body. No piece of skin should be out in the open (yes, even during summer heat).
  • Watch the weather forecast beforehand. DO NOT forget to watch the weather forecast as this could have a considerable effect on your clothing possibilities. You should favor an outfit made of several thin layers rather than a single oversized sweater. This little technique will help you cope with temperature fluctuations. 
  • Cover all parts of your body. This way, the bullets are not likely to hit you directly on the skin. Don’t forget to cover your neck and forearms, in addition to the mandatory equipment: gloves, a helmet, and a protective chest protector. 
  • Leave your Vans or your heels at home. Indeed, you should opt for shoes that are a little high and a little thick; they will be your ally against sprains and foot injuries.

To play paintball well, it is necessary to have suitable clothing. It should let you have fun comfortably while being protected and efficient. You should protect every body part adequately. At the same time, you need to be free to move around. Indeed, paintball requires being at full capacity to take cover and/or shoot quickly.

paintball protective vest
A paintball tactical vest is often available on site.

Here are the five essential things you need to wear:


Indispensable, the helmet to protect the eyes, the mouth, and the front of the head. Wearing a cap, balaclava, beanie, or anything that can cover and protect the back of your head and skull could save the day, too. A suitable paintball protective mask will also be essential to avoid catching a sniper’s bullet to the eyes.


Start with a t-shirt, s, but don’t settle for that. A lot of people take thick sweaters or jackets (kind of like going skiing). Again, it depends on the weather. If it’s not too hot, don’t hesitate to put on two t-shirts. You can also try to take a hooded sweatshirt for more camouflage. Above all: avoid the tank top!

Note: A tactical vest may also be available on-site, which will allow you to camouflage yourself better. However, don’t hesitate to bring your own jacket not to be caught off guard on the spot.

Paintball remains a sport above all. You will therefore be moving and sweating a lot. Be sure to pack clothes that come off easily, so you don’t suffer from the heat.


Gloves are absolutely essential, no matter the weather. Indeed, the hands are most often affected since they are the most exposed organs. However, they aren’t always available at paintball centers. So, equip yourself with gardening gloves, golf gloves, or goalie gloves. No one will judge you, so be sure to protect yourself!

However, avoid too thick gloves, making it challenging to handle the weapon and the trigger. Conversely, you might think that mittens are a good solution, but receiving a paintball ball from an air gun will be painful.

Jogging Pants

Repack your mini-skirt or shorts; it’s way too risky. Choose comfort and protection over style. You can be exposed to many things, depending on where you play: thorns, nettles, rocks where you might get scratched. Instead, opt for jeans, dark pants, or a jogging-type tracksuit.

Knee pads can also be an attractive option. If you don’t have one at home, you can buy a pair (volleyball knee pads are more than enough) or rent some on the site, if provided.


And finally, the shoes. Take paintball cleats, hiking shoes, boots, or sneakers, but above all, take shoes that you don’t worry about getting dirty, wet, or even stained. For your safety and comfort, don’t wear slip-on shoes, and avoid flat soles that will cause you to slip. Make sure they are comfortable. The must? High-top shoes to protect your ankles from sprains.

Other Tips for Playing Paintball in the Summer

Now that you’ve seen the five things you need to wear, let’s take a look at some more tips for paintballing in the summer:

  • Take breaks. I get it. Playing paintball is a lot of fun. When you’re in the middle of a game and feel the adrenaline rush, you obviously don’t want to stop. But it’s better to take many short breaks than extending your games until you’re exhausted. Know when it’s time to stop playing so you can continue to enjoy it more later.
  • Play on shaded fields. It’s not always possible to play only in the shadow since it depends on the site’s characteristics. But whenever you can, go hide in the shadow to make sure the sun doesn’t burn you out.
  • Don’t let your gear in direct sunlight. When you’re on a break, make sure your gear (mask, gun, cap, etc.) doesn’t sit in direct sunlight. You don’t want to return to the game with your equipment being too hot.
  • Drink water (A LOT). You obviously know why you need to drink water, but make sure you drink at least a gallon of water throughout the day to avoid further dehydration. Paintball is a sport where you run a lot, so keeping yourself well hydrated is essential. And please reserve your refreshing beer with your friends for AFTER the game. This will save you a lot of problems in the field!
  • Don’t eat too much salt. That goes hand in hand with the water part. If you eat some greasy hamburgers and french fries before the game, you will feel bloated and dehydrated.

Should Girls Wear the Same Clothes As Boys?

Paintball is obviously a sport open to both sexes. Still, there are certain details that girls need to follow to avoid injury. Let’s see what girls should wear to play paintball:

  • Sweatpants with leggings
  • Multiple layers 
  • Padded bra 
  • Ponytails (so your hair won’t get stuck while playing)
  • Old clothes
  • Comfortable/sports shoes

What Equipment Do You Need for a Safe Game of Paintball?

Paintball is governed by very strict safety measures. And for a good reason, since it’s not a ball that you have in your hand but a launcher sending balls at 100m/s (328 ft/s). In theory, 30 balls/s can be sent by an electronic launcher. Therefore, you will need other pieces of equipment to complete your clothing:

The Launcher

The main element of this sport, the launcher, is divided into several categories. The most common is that of semi-automatic launchers (shooting is piecemeal). Again, this category offers two types: mechanical or electronic

The electronics are generally reserved for the competition since they have a programmable electronic card, increasing the fire rate and allowing more bullets to fire than pulling the trigger. The balls are propelled by CO2 or compressed air located in the bottle.

The legal limit for their power is 300 fps (300 feet per second or about 90 meters per second) out of the barrel. An electronic launcher can fire up to 30 balls per second.

If you want a fully automatic paintball gun, then my article on the best full auto paintball guns is a perfect buyer’s guide.

The Mask

It is the paintball player’s second piece of equipment and certainly the most important. It is indeed compulsory on playgrounds, in clubs, and in competition. If you take off your mask, the game ends. And that is for a good reason since bullets can cause severe damage.

Indeed, even if they are rare, accidents do occur, especially to the eyes. If you get a paintball in the eye, you risk a lot worse than just a black-eye.

You can read more about the best paintball masks here.

Other Protective Gear

Finally, you will need the various general protections: elbow pads, knee pads, padded clothing. They will help you cushion the projectiles fired by your opponents or even your allies. You may also fall at times (don’t worry, this happens even to the best players). The additional protections will therefore be beneficial to you.

Video: What to Wear to Paintball, When Paintballing (not just in summer).

Other Recommendations for a Fun (and SAFE) Paintball Game

In a game of paintball, each scenario has its own rules. But for security reasons, common rules govern all parties. Respect these rules at all costs. Of course, playing paintball for the first time is not easy. 

However, the most important thing is remembering that it is a hobby intended to give you pleasure. So don’t get carried away no matter what, even if one of your opponents breaks these rules.

Remember To Wear Multiple Layers

If you play in winter or fall, it is easier to follow this guideline. Indeed, wearing loose clothing and as many layers as the temperature allows is easy when the weather is cool. So, your choice will turn to chunky sweaters, sweatpants, and camouflage jackets. This type of thicker fabric will help absorb the impact of the ball.

On the other hand, it is obviously more difficult to wear this kind of clothing in summer. However, you should at least make sure you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Even a single protective layer is better than having the skin exposed to the impact of the ball.

Protect Sensitive Parts

It is imperative to protect the most fragile parts of your body. The hands, head, and neck are particularly vulnerable to the impact of paintballs. So make sure you always wear your gloves, helmet, and goggles. Your head is usually an easy target for your opponents, especially if you are crawling.

Respect Safety Rules

Safety rules are established to prevent injury. It is therefore essential to respect them. If you get a bullet in any part of your body, you are eliminated. In order to avoid getting riddled with bullets (yes, it will hurt!), hurry up to raise your arms in the air and scream that you are hit. Then, head out of the field to cheer on your teammates from a safe place.

Note: Any violation of safety rules will result in an official warning given to the captain of the offending player’s team at the first infraction. On the second offense, the offending player will be excluded from the game. If the person cannot be associated with any team, they will be excluded from the site.

How To Know if You Are Eliminated

A player is eliminated if a ball fired from a paintball launcher by a living player hits the starting player or any part of what they are carrying or carrying, and that ball breaks and leaves a mark, regardless of its size.

The player will NOT be eliminated if:

  • The ball touches the whole player or any part of what he is wearing or carrying but does not burst or leave a mark.
  • A player is touched and marked by a ball thrown by an opposing player who has already been eliminated.
  • A ball hits another object and breaks on that object before marking a player or any part of what he is wearing or carrying.

Get Familiar With the Rule of Abandonment

The give-up rule allows less experienced players to learn to play without being bombarded incessantly by other players. This rule allows players to surrender if an opponent has shot them directly, without respecting the safe shooting distance (below 10 meters or 32.81 feet).

Maintain a Strategic Position

Paintball is, above all, a team sport. It is, therefore, important that you work with your teammates and use strategy. Do not run in the middle of the field being covered, as this unnecessarily exposes you to your opponent’s paintballs. Instead, establish a strategic plan with your team.

If, despite all your precautions, you find yourself in a dangerous position, refer to the abandonment rule. This will prevent you from being bombarded with painful shots by your opponents.

Use the Proper Vocabulary

There are several typical paintball words you should know:

  • Check: The player is checked by a referee; therefore, you can’t advance on him nor shoot in his direction.
  • Out: The player is eliminated.
  • Clean: The player has no impact; he can continue to play.

Precautions During the Game

DO NOT remove the mask for any reason during the game. If the ball bursts on you or your equipment, you can no longer play. Indicate your elimination to the other players by shouting “OUT” to stop their shooting.

Raise your pitcher and cross the field with your arms raised (to visually announce your elimination from the game) to the tee box. Activate the safety catch of the launcher and use the gun bag that wraps your barrel or the barrel stopper (tip for the barrel supposed to block the accidental firing of balls) in order to protect the people around you. Only remove your mask behind the protective nets in the neutral zone.

You also need to always stay mobile to play paintball well. Hiding in a corner is only a temporary solution to avoiding enemy fire. To avoid being surprised from behind, move as much as possible and give your opponents a hard time.

Note: Paintball is a team sport. Remember to play fair to opposing players as in any other sport.


Paintball is an awesome game, but you don’t want to put yourself in danger just for the sake of playing it. So remember to bring all the necessary elements with you in the field:

  • Cap or beanie
  • Multiple layers and old clothes
  • Gloves
  • Jogging pants
  • Comfortable shoes

Also, bring some towels, water, knee and elbow pads. Be safe, respect the safety rules, and last but not least, enjoy your day of paintball!