Is Airsoft Still Popular? Everything You Need To Know

Airsoft first blew onto the scene a few decades ago. It provides players with a simulated military experience, complete with replica equipment and tactical missions. However, some people are wondering whether airsoft is still popular? 

Airsoft is still popular in many countries around the world. The airsoft industry continues to grow, with new members regularly joining. This has led to the airsoft gun market being valued at 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. Airsoft has also grown in popularity in some European countries

Keep reading to learn more details about how many airsoft players are in the US, how much you’ll need to pay to get started, and if airsoft is more popular than paintball.

How Many Airsoft Players Are There in the USA?

Airsoft is a popular sport around the globe. It has reached every corner of the world, and new members continue to sign up. Airsoft is popular in Asia, Europe, South America, and some parts of Africa, but how are airsoft players there in the USA? 

The USA has a couple of million airsoft players. According to the New York Times, more than 3.4 million people played airsoft in the USA in 2017. Since then, numbers have only grown as more people play airsoft. The airsoft industry is worth over 600 million dollars in the USA alone. 

It’s challenging to get an accurate number of airsoft players worldwide as many airsoft fields don’t keep track or report exact numbers. This makes defining exactly how many players there is a difficult task. However, if you follow the global market for airsoft equipment, you’ll see steady growth. 

In 2021, the global airsoft gun market was valued at 1.8 billion dollars, but this number is expected to climb. Estimates predict that the worldwide airsoft gun market will be valued at over 3.5 billion by 2030. 

How Much Does Airsoft Cost?

Much like everything else in life, airsoft involves different costs, depending on the quality of the equipment you choose. You can spend anywhere from $10 for a spring-loaded handgun to $1000+ for a gas- or battery-powered rifle. You’ll also need other equipment such as ammunition and protective wear. You may also desire a sidearm to give you a competitive edge.

You can expect to pay between $20 and $50 for access to an airsoft field for a day. This price varies depending on the airsoft field that you choose to visit. Some airsoft fields offer annual or monthly membership. You can buy all of the equipment that you need to play airsoft for just over $200. 

There are 3 main types of airsoft guns. Spring-loaded, gas-powered, and electric. Spring-loaded guns are usually the cheapest, but you can only fire one round before you cock the gun again. 

Gas-powered and electric guns can come in both semi and fully automatic. These guns are usually more expensive but far more effective. 

You’ll also require eye protection, at least to play airsoft. However, many players choose a facemask as it offers more protection. You can also purchase protective clothing and gloves for extra security. 

Many airsoft players choose to own a sidearm as well as their primary rifle. A sidearm is usually a shotgun or pistol they can use as well as their rifle. You can purchase holsters for firearms to allow you to carry the gun while playing conveniently. 

Sure, you can purchase adequate equipment for starting airsoft for about $200, but you may wish to pay extra for higher quality guns and gear. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on high-tech airsoft equipment. However, this is unnecessary if you’re new and inexperienced. 

If you’re looking to get set up to start playing airsoft, check out these great products available on

  • Crosman Full Powered Rifle. This is one of the most popular automatic electric rifles. It comes in a variety of designs to suit different climates and conditions. This battery-powered rifle also comes at a competitive price, making it an excellent gun for beginners up to experienced players. 
  • Airsoft Tactical Resistant Mask. This is a fantastic piece of protective gear. It covers your face and eyes, shielding you from incoming BB fire. You can also use this mask for paintball. 
  • Glock 17 Blowback. This is a fantastic sidearm you can use when playing airsoft. A battery-powered replica pistol that is very reasonably priced and highly effective can give you an edge over your competition. You can also purchase a holster to fit your new Glock pistol. 

Is Airsoft More Popular Than Paintball? 

Airsoft and paintball are competitors. They offer similar experiences in that they both provide you with the opportunity to shoot people; however, they differ in a few ways. Airsoft is cheaper, uses more realistic equipment, and the game itself is more natural. So, is airsoft more popular than paintball?

Paintball is still more popular than airsoft. There are more significant paintball events around today, and more players play paintball. You’ll find more organizations in paintball than airsoft.

Airsoft also uses more powerful weapons if you measure them by feet per second or fps. Paintball fields require the guns to be below 300 fps, whereas airsoft, on average, allows for weapons up to and exceeding 400 fps. However, rules vary significantly for airsoft, depending on the airsoft field. 

The ammunition for airsoft is the main reason for the difference in power between the rifles. Airsoft bullets are much smaller in diameter than paintball ammunition. As a result, less force is required to fire them. 

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Final Thoughts 

Airsoft is still a popular sport played by millions around the world. The military simulation sport uses replica weapons and realistic tactics to provide players with a realistic battle simulation. The sport is more affordable than paintball and more realistic, but paintball is still more popular despite this. 

The sale of airsoft guns is over one and a half billion dollars every year. This already large market continues to grow as airsoft becomes more popular. Airsoft is even played by some schools informally in the USA. If you want to learn more about airsoft, check out your local airsoft field.