How Do Airsoft Revolvers Work? A Simple Explanation

Many people use airsoft guns for target practice or even games. They’re a popular choice if you like paintball but don’t want to make a mess. Despite their popularity, many people still don’t understand how they work. 

Airsoft revolvers can use either batteries or gas to work. Battery-powered airsoft revolvers are the most common, and they work off of a small motor that compresses the bolt. On the other hand, gas-powered airsoft revolvers use compressed air to shoot projectiles when you pull the trigger.

Let’s go into a little more detail about how airsoft revolvers work and whether battery or gas operation is better. 

this is how airsoft revolver works

How Do Battery-Operated Airsoft Revolvers Work?

Battery-operated airsoft revolvers work from a battery that needs to be replaced or recharged when it runs out. The bolt is pushed against the spring as it is cocked; then, the spring is released when the trigger is pulled. Finally, the spring and collected air push the projectile forward. 

Airsoft revolvers that use batteries to operate tend to be more durable than gas-powered airsoft guns. Batteries are easy to replace, and assuming you take care of your airsoft revolver, can last for a long time. 

Though these tend to be the most realistic as far as looks and details, you’ll find a completely different setup if you look inside the gun. 

At the bottom of the handle, you’ll find the batteries needed to power your airsoft revolver. These power the motor, which is located directly above the battery, still in the gun’s handle. 

The motor is used to move the gears, which are located directly above as you cock the gun. Once the gears are shifted, the bolt is compressed against the spring and ready to fire. This process allows for air to come between the bolt and the projectile. 

As you fire, the bolt is released. Then, as the spring forces it forward, the bolt forces the accumulated air against the projectile causing it to shoot. 

With battery-powered airsoft revolvers, you don’t need to worry about temperatures affecting your shooting. Your gun will also last longer than a gas-powered gun as long as you take care of it. Lastly, it will shoot faster because the process is more immediate. 

Your revolver will need battery replacement, but not as often as a gas revolver. 

So, it is a good idea to keep a battery with you for extended shooting, but you will not need to fill it as often as a gas revolver. 

How Do Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns Work?

Gas-powered airsoft guns use trapped gas to propel the projectile forward. The gun is loaded with compressed air, which releases upon pulling the trigger. When the compressed air is discharged, the sudden drop in pressure causes a blasting effect which propels the projectile forward. 

Airsoft guns that use gas do not require batteries. Instead, they use pressurized gas to create the force needed to shoot the projectile. 

The compressed gas is ready to go once it is loaded into the gun. When you fire your airsoft revolver, it will release a small amount of gas which will come out with force due to the pressure in the canister. 

This is what propels the projectile forward. 

Instead of changing batteries, you will need to keep up with the amount of gas in your gun. The gas will need to be refilled regularly, depending on how much you’re shooting. 

Of course, different guns and types of gas will determine how you load the gas back into the gun. 

Often, you will have a cartridge full of air that is loaded into your gun. In this case, all you need to do is:

  1. Unscrew the handle. 
  2. Load it in. 

Sometimes you need to get a can of compressed air and put it in the compressor. You do this in spurts of 3 seconds to prevent adding too much at once. 

Both are common ways of filling your gas airsoft revolver, but the first way is the most common. 

Gas-powered guns are typically more accurate than battery-operated guns. This is because they tend to have more velocity, which allows the projectile to travel faster, farther, and more accurately than battery-operated. 

One major downside to gas-powered airsoft guns is that they will not work as well in harsh weather conditions. This is because the gas in the gun goes from air to liquid, and the liquid gas can be subject to physical changes if exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Remember that gas revolvers require you to have gas with you for extended shooting. So, you will need to refill the canister regularly to continue firing. With that in mind, gas-powered airsoft revolvers may be harder to keep up with for regular shooting. 

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Do Airsoft Revolvers Have Recoil?

Airsoft revolvers do have a recoil, but it is not nearly as intense as a regular revolver. There is still a release of energy that forces the projectile out of the gun, which causes a recoil. Depending on the weapon you get, you can get a more realistic recoil. 

Any projectile that has enough force will experience recoil. While this will be nothing like the recoil experienced on an actual revolver, it is still something that you will have to work around when working on accuracy. 

You can purchase airsoft revolvers that come with a more substantial recoil if you want a more realistic experience. Also, the power of your airsoft revolver will determine how much recoil you get. 

The higher the strength of the blast, the more recoil you will experience. 

Gas-powered airsoft revolvers tend to have more recoil because of the shooting process. Air is being pressurized either way, but a lot more air is used in the gas-powered pistols, making them have more recoil. 

Final Thoughts

Airsoft revolvers work very differently depending on what type you choose, but they both use air to power the projectile forward. 

Battery powdered guns will give you the freedom to shoot in any temperature, provided you have extra batteries with you. In contrast, you’ll need cans of compressed air on hand if you opt for a gas-powered airsoft gun.

Which type you choose depends on your preferences and what you want to get out of it.